Car wash lighting

The arrangement of a car wash, including the lighting system, must satisfy not only aesthetic rules, but also safety requirements, be durable and easy to use. Due to the use of chemicals and reagents, special attention must be paid to the technical characteristics of luminaires and lamps. HOKASU offers a wide range of electrical equipment for car wash lighting, can help design and install standard or customized lighting solutions.

Things to consider when choosing lighting for a car wash

Car wash lighting directly affects the result of work - only a high level of illumination will allow you to achieve quality and speed when cleaning cars. When choosing a lighting scheme and electrical equipment, attention should be paid to the following criteria:

  • The lighting system must be easy to maintain, energy efficient and durable. This will minimize the cost of doing business and maintaining an additional staff of specialists.
  • Lighting fixtures and the electrical wiring system must be safe to operate due to high humidity, fumes, the use of chemicals and reagents.
  • Working with car surfaces requires an increased level of illumination. The best option is to place bright light sources on the ceiling and walls of the work area.
  • The lighting system of a car wash will vary significantly depending on the nature of the process. If the car wash is fully automated, the quality of the light can be neglected, while when using manual labor this criterion is extremely important.

When designing a car wash lighting scheme, functionality is prioritized over aesthetics. When contacting HOKASU, any variants of lighting devices will comply with SNiPs and European quality standards, which guarantee stable protection against external influences (corrosion, direct water ingress, condensate, etc.).

The best option for arranging lighting solutions at a car wash is the use of linear fluorescent lamps with the installation of moisture-resistant diffusers. The class of fixtures and equipment selected and ordered from our company will comply with the Heavy Duty Luminaires standard, as well as have the necessary marking confirming increased protection against electric shock.

To order a project of a lighting solution or select lighting fixtures, it is necessary to provide our specialists with the characteristics of the car wash premises, the power supply scheme and a number of other parameters. After studying the presented data, we will give recommendations on the choice of specific types of lighting equipment and devices, help with the installation and organization of a light control system.

Our services include installation, routine maintenance and repair of lighting equipment. In addition, we provide consulting support and answer all your questions by phone, given on the site, or through the feedback form.

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