Parking area lighting

The organization of lighting in parking lots is an important aspect of the safe and energy-efficient operation of the facility. The quality of preparation and execution of the project determines the comfort of drivers, the general appearance of the site, the perception of the architectural ensemble as a whole, if the parking lot is located near an office building, a shopping center, etc. This applies to objects of all types: indoor, outdoor and underground. HOKASU specialists will help you choose reliable and modern equipment for car parking lighting.
Our range includes a wide range of luminaires for projects of any complexity.

Main Tasks

  • Ensuring the safe movement of people and vehicles.
  • Lighting of the site in accordance with current regulations.
  • Create visibility to prevent crime.
  • Intensive lighting of high-risk areas: areas near ticket offices, entrances, exits, entrances and exits from the parking area.
  • Providing conditions for the effective operation of the video surveillance system.
  • Integrate into existing automation networks.
    • Parking lighting standards: current standards and regulations

      The lighting levels required in a car park are covered under the European Standards EN 12464 and British standard BS 5489.

      Basic design principles for parking lighting

      Particular attention should be paid to the areas of entry and exit from parking lots, since these areas are associated with a risk of injury to people. During daylight hours, the degree of horizontal illumination in such places should be at least 200 lux, and on the site as a whole - up to 100 lux. If natural light is not enough, it is supplemented with artificial light. At night, lighting in the traffic area should be 60 lux and above, and in common areas - from 30 lux.
      The project takes into account the intensity of car traffic in the parking lot. For example, Moscow city building codes require that the level of illumination in low-traffic car parks be at least 7 lux, and with large traffic - from 60 lux. Cylindrical illumination in this case should be at least 1 lux, regardless of the intensity of traffic. The uniformity of the distribution of the light flux is important. Rough, directional beams will reduce the security of the object.
      In the project, it is also necessary to determine the type of light distribution. This is important for the correct choice of lighting fixtures.

      • I. Lighting along a zone with a limited width. The scheme is used for walkways and sidewalks next to parking lots.
      • II. Spatial illumination across the width from a single point. This method of light distribution is used near ramps, wide entrances / exits and entrances / exits.
      • III. Lateral light distribution. The scheme is optimal for lighting parking lots next to the roadway.
      • IV. The light source is placed near a wall or fence, the flow is distributed across the width. This type is used in perimeter security systems.
      • V. The light is distributed in a circle. The optimal solution for intersections in large car parks.
      • VI. Square lighting is used at the intersections of particularly busy parking areas, the center of the roadway.

      Hardware selection

      Open areas

      For lighting, medium-height poles are most often chosen, which are placed around the perimeter of the parking lot. The purchase of the device is affected by the budget of the project and the complexity of the tasks. It should be borne in mind that a standard monolithic support creates difficulties when replacing fixtures, so folding structures have recently been used at many sites. In commercial parking lots, much attention is paid not only to the characteristics, but also to the design of the lamps.

      Indoor areas

      Light fixtures are mounted on walls and ceilings. It is important to provide anti-vandal protection if the lamps are low enough.

      Underground and multilevel car parks

      At the facilities, it is necessary to illuminate not only the parking area, but also areas along the routes of movement of people. In corridors and stairs, it is recommended to use LED equipment with a sensor - the installation of such devices will help reduce energy costs.

      Car parks near shopping centers and public places

      Parking lighting at such facilities is often a hallmark of the institution, so the design is not limited to standards. Visitors first get to the parking lot and only then go to the trading floor. The lighting system should provide safety, comfort of movement and at the same time attract potential customers. On sites near shopping centers, it is recommended to place the masts symmetrically so that they do not attract attention. On one support, if possible, have several light sources directed in different directions. The power of each of them can reach 350 watts.

      Typical mistakes of parking lighting

      • Selection of luminaires with a low degree of protection. Keep in mind that devices are subjected to greater loads on a mast with a height of 30 m than on 10 m. Choose models with a category of at least IP65.
      • Unsuccessful light propagation angle. Check for glare and shadows in the field of view of video cameras and the possibility of dazzling drivers.
      • Neglecting additional highlighting. This is especially important for public facilities. Additional devices will help make the lighting more comfortable for the eyes and perform a decorative function.

      HOKASU experts will help you create an economical and efficient system. To order our services, call the number listed on the site.

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