Warehouse lighting

In recent years, warehouse operations have become much more complicated, they have become high-tech. Therefore, when developing lighting projects, it is necessary to take into account current trends. Warehouse LED lighting is the right solution. HOKASU specialists will be able to help in the selection of devices and create a scheme for their placement.

Goals and objectives

The basis for the development of a warehouse lighting system should be the achievement of the following goals and objectives:

  • providing uniform illumination in the room at all levels for efficient work of employees;
  • Safety of warehouse personnel, which can be achieved by installing emergency lighting.

Principles of warehouse lighting preparation

In the process of preparing lighting for a warehouse, it must be taken into account that the lighting should be both general and local. Work areas require the use of sufficiently powerful LED devices, auxiliary ones can be illuminated less intensively. Special lighting standards have been developed for warehouses. They are spelled out in the EN 12464 standard. Lighting requirements:

  • for closed storage facilities where products are stored on the floor - 75 lux;
  • for rooms with installed shelving systems - 200 lx;
  • for passages between sections - 150 lux;
  • for the unloading area - 200 lx;
  • for the area where shipping and customer service is performed - 300 lx.

You also need to understand that the specified parameters for warehouses are minimal. In some cases, creating lighting with such parameters is not enough to complete the work. The issue of lighting is especially acute in the case of large logistics complexes. If we are talking about the design of lighting for warehouses classified as categories A or B, then it is recommended to be guided by European standards. They are the following:

  • for objects with rack storage of goods - 250-300 lx;
  • for the main working area - 300-350 lx.

LED lighting devices are installed at a height of 0.8 m from the floor level. Such requirements are due to the need to eliminate the blinding of forklift operators and the creation of obstacles in the way of equipment.

When creating general lighting, LED fixtures are evenly placed on the upper levels, as well as along product lines if racking systems are used in the warehouse. So, for mezzanines, it is necessary to provide lighting on each floor, including inside the tier. During installation, it is necessary to achieve ease of access to the devices.

The illumination values for the evacuation project in the warehouse are 0.5 lux in the floor area and on the stairs. This system must be connected separately.

Features of choosing LED equipment for a warehouse

The choice of lighting sources for premises in the warehouse should be based on indicators of efficiency, economy and safety. Preference is given to LED devices. They are characterized by a combination of good light output, durability and affordability. In addition, we have devices in stock that meet the dust protection class IP50 and above, which is one of the requirements for warehouse lighting.

It is especially important to correctly build a lighting project for facilities where personnel stay for a long time, including during the entire working day. If the illumination index is about 200 lux, then the color temperature should be in the range of 2700-3500 K. The recommended color rendering index in warehouses without natural light is Ra50. If such conditions are not created, then staff fatigue and the number of errors due to the human factor are likely to increase. In addition, the level of safety of working in a warehouse with insufficient lighting can be called into question.

The main mistakes in warehouse lighting

When preparing a lighting project for a warehouse, the following typical mistakes are often made:

  • use of too powerful LED devices, as a result of which shadows and glare are created, which distract from work and lead to increased fatigue;
  • lack of accent lighting when using mezzanines, which can lead to a decrease in labor productivity, complicating the processes of loading and unloading at the warehouse;
  • Incorrect placement of LED fixtures, which does not ensure the uniformity of the light flux.

Contacting HOKASU is a guarantee that warehouse lighting will be built correctly and as efficiently as possible. The cost of LED devices we have set at the optimum level.

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