Car showroom lighting

It is possible to ensure proper and efficient lighting of a car dealership if you buy products that offered by HOKASU. We have a wide range of lighting devices that allow presenting the vehicles for sale in the most favorable light.

Car dealership lighting features

The success of car sales largely depends on the lighting of such objects. Linear lamps and other devices should provide good visibility, but at the same time not create discomfort due to too high a level of light brightness. Usually in lighting project the following parameters are set:

  • general indicator of illumination of the trading floor where the vehicles are exhibited - from 400 to 450 lux;
  • emphasis on the location of each stand-alone car - from 1500 to 2500 lux;
  • decoration entrance, workplaces of cashiers and consultant managers - from 200 to 500 lx.

General room lighting

For showroom lighting, almost the same solutions are used that are implemented in all trade objects. As a result, you need to get diffused, moderately bright light, which will have an even character. This creates a comfortable environment for both customers and for car dealerships. To achieve the specified effect when organizing lighting can be used:

  • linear luminaires combined into trunk systems;
  • Recessed or suspended ceiling luminaires, providing diffused light.

With a complex configuration of the room, it is often necessary to use several types of lighting. simultaneously.

Accent lighting in the interior of car dealerships

The main task of the car dealership employees is to ensure the supply of cars sold in such a way that to show all their virtues. This can be achieved through accent lighting. The optimal solution for showroom lighting is LED strip. It is laid in aluminum profiles, can be placed both on horizontal and vertical surfaces. Also, the LED strip is suitable for creating navigation elements around the hall, which are components of car showroom lighting. To do this, you can use colored tape with a certain number of diodes per linear meter.

Illumination of the entrance group and staff workplaces

These areas are predominantly illuminated by linear recessed downlights. At the same time, for convenience, an accent can be additionally created in them using LED strips. The power of this light source in this case will be enough.

The benefits of using LED lighting in car dealerships

In favor of organizing LED lighting in showrooms where cars are sold, testify:

  • the ability to achieve the optimal level of illumination of the hall regardless of the time of day - LED devices can be used on their own or in combination with natural light;
  • for the sale of vehicles;
  • Economy of LED recessed ceiling and linear luminaires, which consists in a significant operational resource (about 50 thousand working hours) and the absence of the need for them regular maintenance.

In addition, you can build lighting using track fixtures. In this case, when changing the exposure, you do not have to carry out complex manipulations with lighting appliances. Buy reliable LED lamps and high-quality tape that allows you to competently you can organize car dealership lighting at HOKASU.

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