Clothing store lighting

If you are faced with the task of organizing the lighting of a clothing store, we suggest ordering LED strip, linear fixtures, ceiling recessed counterparts from HOKASU. We will provide you with quality products with a long service life that will perfectly solve the main tasks of fashion boutique lighting:

  • provide a better presentation of products to arouse the desire in the client to buy them here and now;< /li>
  • create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort that encourages informed choice and purchase of clothes in a relaxed atmosphere;
  • create a positive image of your store in the customer's mind.

Principles of building lighting in boutiques

When choosing ceiling recessed lights, linear devices, LED strip, you need to remember that in The basis for organizing lighting in a fashion boutique should be based on a number of principles. Among the main ones are the following:

  • the prevalence of accent lighting over the general one;
  • the illumination level of the hall should be about 500 lux, accent zones - 1500 lux, shop windows - up to 3000 lux;
  • Product display areas should be illuminated approximately 40% brighter than the total sales area;
  • Ensuring high quality color rendering, following the main trends of modern lighting design.

Showroom lighting features

Please note that in stores selling youth or sportswear, it is better to use cold tones in lighting. Premium boutiques tend to be distinguished by subdued, softly pouring light.

For general lighting, you can purchase linear luminaires or single fixtures - it all depends on the area and configuration of the room. In any case, it is recommended to use only LED devices in clothing stores. This is due to the fact that furs, a number of fabrics negatively perceive the effects of ultraviolet radiation and high temperatures. In this regard, it is worth choosing devices with a low rate of heat dissipation.

Features of accent lighting

Accent lighting can perform several tasks at the same time.
Firstly, it allows you to draw the attention of the buyer to certain products.
Secondly, using LED strip, spotlights and other devices, you can zone the room.
Thirdly, a properly designed lighting system can play a navigational role.

Showcase lighting: what should it be?

Showcase lighting largely depends on what products will be displayed on them. The lighter the clothing offered, the less intense the lighting should be (and vice versa, respectively). In too bright light, white products will simply be lost; in subdued light, black classics will not make the proper impression. Recommended indicators are as follows:

  • for light products - 300-500 lux;
  • for dark outfits and accessories - 500-1000 lux.
< p> Showcase lighting can be organized by combining LED strip and individual fixtures. Also, light from linear or recessed ceiling lights partially enters this zone.

Typical mistakes when lighting clothing stores

They are as follows:

  • interrupting accent lighting with the main light;
  • low light level;
  • random installation of fixtures without preparing a design idea;
  • the use of equipment other than LED, which spoils things and requires significant investments in electricity bills;
  • lighting is not products, but walls or ceilings (wrong lighting design).

We will supply you with products that will enable you to create effective and interesting lighting in your clothing store.

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