Stand lighting

The quality of exhibition booth lighting plays an important role in the perception of art objects or products that are presented as part of the event. For a better presentation of the exhibits and their safety, it is worth using LED lamps. They should not be installed randomly, but in a certain order, worked out in detail and prescribed in the project. Help you with the installation of the lighting system and the selection of devices will be able to specialists of the company HOKASU. We will do everything necessary to ensure that the lighting of stands is 100% consistent with assigned tasks.

Meaning of booth lighting

Lighting in exhibition halls is designed to perform several tasks at the same time. Among the main ones are the following:

  • ensuring good visibility of the exposure, visibility of each exhibited at product unit stands;
  • zoning the hall and navigating it, which simplifies the movement of visitors to the event;
  • comfort of being in the common and negotiation parts of the premises where the exhibition is held;
  • forming a positive image of an organization that offers its products at stands.

At the same time, it must be understood that in an effort to achieve all of the above goals, one should not forget about harmony of all lighting components. They should not enter into dissonance with each other and with theme of the exhibition composition presented at the stand.

Exhibition stand lighting equipment

Lighting of special stands can be carried out using a variety of LED- lamps. For illumination from above, you can use linear systems, including track type. The ability to change the position of devices allows you to quickly rebuild lighting when exposure change.

For accent lighting of stands it is worth using directional LED lamps. and LED strip. The latter is also suitable for organizing navigation around the exhibition hall. Regardless of which light sources will be chosen to illuminate the booth, it is necessary that they were powerful enough and provided high-quality color reproduction.

Common lighting mistakes

Most often when working with stands and preparing lighting projects for exhibition structures the following errors are allowed:

  • the use of fixtures that have a too low color rendering index (index);
  • random arrangement of fixtures used for accent lighting, as a result of which glare appears on the exhibition stands, this interferes with the study of the exposition;
  • Inconsistency of the lighting project with the theme of the exhibition.

Why should LED-devices be used to illuminate stands?

The LED products recommended for booth lighting have a number of advantages over halogen and other types of lamps. It is characterized by:

  • low pulsation coefficient of the light flux, it is at the level of 5%;
  • economical: electricity consumption when using LED-devices for illumination of booths is about 2.5 times less than when installing other light sources;
  • high color rendering index;
  • safety, there are no substances potentially hazardous to human health in LED lamps;
  • the ability to organize high-quality lighting at low cost, for the implementation of the lighting project for stands will not require heavy material attachments.

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