Lighting for a furniture showroom

A comfortable atmosphere in the store significantly increases the likelihood of a purchase. If the lighting scheme is not so important for a grocery store, then when selling expensive furniture, you need to use additional ways to attract the attention of customers. HOKASU offers a full range of lighting services for a furniture store, taking into account the individual characteristics of the object and the proposed range of sales.

What to consider when choosing lighting for a furniture store

The main goal of any outlet is to interest the buyer in their products, emphasize all the advantages of the product, achieve sales growth and profit. This fully applies to furniture stores, regardless of the popularity and fame of the brands sold. When choosing a lighting system for a furniture showroom, the following criteria should be considered:

  • since the store is a place of mass visitation of citizens, lighting equipment and wiring must comply with all safety requirements;
  • The lighting system should create a comfortable environment for customers, not cause irritation;
  • Lighting solutions must take into account the individual characteristics of the range of furniture presented in the store. For example, for elite models of products, you can develop exclusive lighting that will emphasize the nobility of the furniture and its status;
  • when lighting a furniture store, it is unacceptable to preserve dark zones, which will indicate a disdainful attitude towards the buyer or a desire to hide furniture flaws;
  • The lighting system should also create convenience for the staff involved in customer service and displaying furniture;
  • To optimize the cost of running a retail business, lighting equipment must be durable, energy efficient, easy to maintain and replace.

This is only an indicative list of factors to consider when designing and installing a system. HOKASU will offer you typical or customized lighting options that meet all international and domestic standards.

We will select the optimal lighting scheme for any furniture store - from budget sales options to an elite model range. At the request of the client, we can develop options for installing new and perfect light sources in an existing lighting scheme.

How to order a lighting system for a furniture showroom

When choosing lighting solutions and models of lighting equipment, it is necessary to take into account the characteristics of retail premises: the volume of the building and individual halls, the size of the area and height, the parameters of sales areas and auxiliary premises. Our experts will help you choose the best lighting option, taking into account the characteristics of the shopping center and your wishes.

To place an order, you need to conclude an agreement with our company. Depending on your wishes, the contract may provide services in the following areas:

  • consulting support when choosing typical lighting schemes or when developing an individual order;
  • complex design of the electrical wiring and lighting system for a new facility or an existing store, or work on an already finished project;
  • development of design solutions for the installation of lighting fixtures in the premises of a furniture store;
  • selection of lighting fixtures and equipment from leading manufacturers in Russia and other countries;
  • a full range of services for installation, configuration, operation and maintenance of the lighting system for your store.

We are ready to offer non-standard solutions that will distinguish you from your competitors and provide additional benefits with a similar product range.

When designing the system, our specialists will take into account the zoning of lighting depending on the characteristics of the room. The generally accepted standard is to distinguish between devices of a general, accentuating and decorative type. For this purpose, lighting devices with different characteristics, power, light directivity, illumination level are used.

The project of lighting solutions developed by our specialists will also have universal characteristics. You do not have to change the arrangement of devices when changing the model range or exposure. In most cases, it will be enough to change the angles of inclination of instruments and equipment, color shades, or perform other simple actions.

The best option would be to install a lighting and equipment control system. In this case, you will significantly reduce maintenance costs, since the system does not require special skills and is available for study even by ordinary store employees.

Benefits of contacting our company

An attempt to independently resolve the issue with the installation of lighting fixtures, most likely, will not lead to the expected result. You can avoid such difficulties by contacting HOKASU:

  • The development of a lighting project will take several days, and when using standard solutions, you can start installation within 1-2 days;
  • we offer lighting fixtures and equipment that meet all quality standards, including custom orders;
  • our experts will offer the best design solutions for placing light sources, taking into account the characteristics of retail premises and the features of the furniture range;
  • each client is provided with a full range of services for the installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of lighting fixtures.

The experience and qualifications of our specialists allow us to design and install lighting systems of any complexity. All devices and equipment have the necessary certificates and technical documentation. After installing the lighting system, we will help you deal with the nuances of the current control of devices and equipment, check compliance with safety requirements.

To clarify the terms of cooperation with our specialists and proceed with placing an order, you can call the numbers given on the site, or leave a request through the feedback form.

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