Lighting in the grocery store

Proper grocery store lighting benefits everyone, both shoppers and shop assistants. The former receive positive emotions and the opportunity to choose a product more consciously, having considered him from all sides. The latter can present products from a profitable side, which will allow them to successfully compete with other outlets involved in the sale of food products. Prepare a lighting project for the store, supply all the necessary lighting devices, HOKASU specialists will be able to perform their competent installation.

Main goals and objectives

When preparing project documentation, it is necessary to take into account exactly what goals and objectives are set. in front of the lighting system. Of course, for different objects they may differ slightly, however, the following are always relevant:

  • obtaining a comfortable atmosphere in the store due to the thoughtfulness of the general light;
  • organization of a high-quality and effective presentation of goods using an accent lighting;
  • shaping the image of the store and its positive image through unusual lighting design solutions;
  • provision of zoning and navigation around the facility, which simplifies the work of staff and makes it easier for customers to find the right department.

Principles of creating lighting in a grocery store (standard solution)

When preparing a lighting system in a store, the following principles should be taken as a basis:

  • Ensuring uniform and sufficient illumination of areas, the level of general light is 400-1000 lux;
  • luminaires should be installed in the halls, the color rendering index of which is from Ra80 and above;
  • Each heading must be emphasized, the recommended degree illumination of products - 40% more than the same indicator for the hall;
  • depending on the type of food, you need to set the backlight of cold or warm glow.

Features of choosing equipment for store lighting

Depending on the type of lighting, certain models of devices are selected. Possible the following options:

  • general lighting. For its organization, you can use recessed lights, linear systems. Such devices make it possible to get on the entire area of ​​the store uniformity of light supply. The optimal solution is LED products;
  • accent lighting. Created using LED spotlights, which mounted using a busbar, and rotary models;
  • decorative highlight. With its help, you can organize an effective supply of products, displayed in store windows. To solve such a problem, an LED strip, sconce, spotlights;
  • zoning. It is carried out through the use of suspended light sources, built-in and overhead models, LED strip, as well as by combining grocery store main and accent lighting.

The choice of equipment should be subject to the specifics of the retail facility and design solutions.

What are the most common lighting mistakes?

The list of typical errors includes the following:

  • obtaining uneven illumination of an object;
  • using lighting fixtures with too high a brightness value, which causes physical and psychological discomfort;
  • Incorrect position of light sources, which provokes the appearance of glare and interferes product selection;
  • ignoring the placement of accents, due to which the products are not served in a favorable light and may go unnoticed;
  • lack of concept when creating a project, messy placement lighting fixtures.

Lighting in the departments of bakery, confectionery, cheese

When preparing a grocery store lighting project for these departments, you need to remember about the most important task - to present products in the most favorable light in order to wake up buyers' appetite and arouse the desire to make a purchase right now. Here you need ensure the presence of a color temperature of 2000-2700K. Such a warm white light will emphasize the splendor of bakery products and the freshness of cheeses. But what about radiation? Products will not be lost their consumer properties, if you use LED devices for lighting.

It is important to avoid the following mistakes:

  • use light sources that have a cool color temperature because they make pastries and cheeses visually unappealing;
  • installation of incandescent lamps, their radiation negatively affects the appearance products and their taste characteristics.

Vegetable and fruit department lighting

The preparation of a lighting project for this department is also subject to a number of rules. Here stands install devices that have a high color rendering index (minimum Ra90), the color temperature should be neutral so that the colors of vegetables and fruits are the most saturated. You can choose LED-devices that give light as much as possible close to the sun.

Main mistakes:

  • installation of luminaires with a pronounced cold or warm glow (such lighting gives a distortion of the natural range of products);
  • low light level.

Lighting in the meat department

An important point in the development of a lighting system in a grocery store is the preparation project for a department that sells meat. You can emphasize its freshness by using devices with a cold and neutral color temperature. In this case, green and the blue components of the spectrum are preserved to the right extent, so the products look juicy and fresh.

Showcase lighting should be organized using LED lamps, because when exceeding of 800 lux, products may begin to deteriorate and lose their taste. Typical error when creating lighting in the meat department of the store - installation of spectrum lamps 76–79. it makes products blood-red (visually resembles winded meat).

Dairy and Frozen Products Department Lighting

In this department of the grocery store, you need to use devices for lighting, which give white light with a color temperature of about 6000K. If you need to highlight fish products (especially red breeds), use warm shades. Cannot be applied to focus on frozen foods too warm or too cold light: they will look frozen and stale.

Lighting of the alcohol department

Such products do not perceive temperature rise and very bright lighting, therefore LED-devices (color temperature - 3000K) will be an ideal solution. General lighting is better muffle or remove, because it provokes the appearance of glare, which creates inconvenience for buyers.

Highlight related products and checkout, entrance

In the area where related products are placed, it is necessary to organize accent lighting, which will allow you to identify the proposed product categories. Store checkout needs to be illuminated bright enough. This will make the flow of visitors more active and will make it possible to avoid errors when making settlements with customers. Low light levels can cause increased fatigue of cashiers. The entrance group should be clearly visible, it forms first impression of the store. Here it will be appropriate to apply unusual design solutions. Competent lighting in the grocery store will have a positive impact on the level of attendance and the amount of revenue. HOKASU specialists will be able to help with its organization. Connect with us at the contact number or fill out the application form, and in the near future our specialist will call you to discuss the details of cooperation.

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