Jewelry store lighting

Jewelry showroom lighting is an important task that experts will help you solve company HOKASU. From the thoroughness of the study of the project and the professionalism of the masters in many ways depends on the success of the jewelry business. Present products in favorable light, you can emphasize its sophistication and splendor using LED lighting. Lighting for jewelry showcases, halls, entrances - we can solve all these tasks.

Goals and objectives

When designing lighting for jewelry stores, it is important to keep in mind the goals and objectives that are set to the system as a whole. The devices used should favorably emphasize the quality of the cut. stones, the impeccability of metal processing, to demonstrate to customers the sophistication and the chicness of the products offered in the windows. Each piece of jewelry is unique, and the best You can convey this to the visitors of your store with the help of a properly designed lighting.

Principles of lighting for jewelry stores

Rich experience in creating lighting systems at these facilities gives us the opportunity to highlight the basic principles that must be strictly followed when design and direct installation of devices. They are the following:

  • The general lighting of the store should be bright enough, but still be soft and uniform dispersion so that customers do not have to strain their eyes when studying the jewelry products presented in the windows;
  • The color temperature of the lighting used to create accents for different metals should be different. Gold and stones are illuminated with warm lamps up to 3000K, silver, white gold and platinum - neutral or cold at 4000-6000K;
  • in the case when jewelry of different types is laid out on the showcase, the tonality lighting is determined in favor of the most expensive goods. Needed for diamonds choose lamps 5000–6500K;
  • when lighting showcases, it is necessary to provide a greater degree of brightness than that created in the hall;
  • it is important to keep a balance between the top and accent lighting, they must be in harmony among themselves so that the jewelry looks good under the glass of the counter, and in the hands of a potential buyer.

Organization of zoning and navigation

The need to illuminate certain areas arises, as a rule, when it comes to large jewelry stores. Most often, the issue is resolved by using devices of different brightness and creating guides from LED strip.

Features of equipment selection

The choice of certain devices directly depends on what kind of lighting is created, − top, accent or for showcases. In the first case, the best option would be LED recessed luminaires or linear systems. Create an emphasis on a specific area It is possible with the help of track or gimbal devices LED. In this case, if necessary, you can change the angle of the direction of the light flux. Lighting shop windows, which is laid out products, should be bright, but low temperature, so that the goods are not affected. The best solution would be to use LED spotlights or LED- ribbons. Additionally, reflectors can be installed to eliminate thermal effects on jewelry.

Basic mistakes

When developing and implementing a lighting project for stores selling jewelry products, the most common mistakes are:

  • Incorrect use of accent lighting, resulting in glare;
  • Low light levels, whereby products are not displayed from their best sides;
  • the choice of high-temperature appliances that adversely affect the condition of jewelry goods.

These errors are excluded if the preparation and implementation of the lighting project is entrusted to shop to experienced professionals. HOKASUmasters will be happy to help you with the choice of equipment and implementation of any project. Leave a request or contact us at the contact number to ask questions and discuss the terms of cooperation.

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