Lighting for picture galleries

When choosing the best lighting option for art galleries or showrooms, special rules must be taken into account. In addition to the function of direct illumination of the premises, it is necessary to create a cozy and comfortable environment for connoisseurs of art, to emphasize the features of the exposition. HOKASUoffers services for the design, installation and maintenance of gallery lighting systems, including the development of unique and customized lighting solutions.

Things to consider when choosing a gallery lighting system

Only competent and thoughtful lighting for art galleries will ensure the safety of works of art, the comfort and safety of visitors. In most cases, lighting solutions will be designed according to individual characteristics, depending on the direction of art and the content of the exposition, the features of the exhibition halls and premises. You can order gallery lighting from HOKASU. We offer standard and unique lighting schemes that will meet the following criteria:

  • Compliance with all safety requirements for visitors, the preservation of paintings and other works of art when designing and installing equipment. We will take into account all possible adverse consequences.
  • Creating a comfortable atmosphere for visitors. You can order bright and contrasting light to showcase contemporary art trends, subdued and soft lighting schemes for antiques and classics, or provide individual characteristics for different rooms.
  • Preserving the natural perception of exhibits, choosing the optimal mode and norms of artificial lighting, taking into account the content of the exhibition.
  • According to the color temperature of the content and style of the exposure.
  • Development of unique solutions for managing the attention of visitors, taking into account the play of light and shadows, the direction of movement in halls and rooms, and the placement of accentuated lighting sources.
  • Low energy efficiency, ease of maintenance and control of lighting solutions, the sudden failure of one lamp should not disrupt the showrooms.

This is only an approximate list of requirements and conditions that must be taken into account for the lighting of the exhibition halls of the gallery. The architectural features of the building, the total area of buildings and the size of exhibits, the number of visitors, and the content of excursion programs will also be important. All these nuances will help to take into account the specialists of our company.

Depending on the nature and content of the exposure, it is necessary to correctly select lighting devices. For example, for maximum immersion in the atmosphere of classic works of art, you can choose antique lamps with soft and sophisticated lighting. To demonstrate works of science and technology, bright light is better, emphasizing all the features of the development. When contacting HOKASU, all these nuances will be carefully studied and formed into a unique project.

If there is access to natural sunlight in the halls and rooms, the project will provide for the optimal balance of lighting necessary for the perception of works. We will take into account fluctuations in the level of natural light during the day and evening, we will provide additional lighting for the main exhibits of the exhibition.

If the above conditions are met, the lighting system will not distract the attention of visitors from studying the exhibits, will allow them to feel in a comfortable and cozy atmosphere, and will give an incentive to visit the exhibition again. The visitor attention management system will give a sense of belonging to a work of art, emphasize the most important elements of the exhibit and help guide excursions.

How to order lighting for an art gallery

Turning to HOKASUfor lighting exhibition halls of the gallery, you will receive comprehensive support at all stages of design, installation and maintenance of lighting fixtures and equipment. We will study the features of the exposition, the characteristics of the exhibition premises, after which we will offer the best options for lighting solutions.

Depending on the above nuances, work on your order will be carried out in the following areas:

  • designing the layout of lighting fixtures and equipment;
  • selection of specific models of fixtures, lamps, lanterns and other lighting equipment;
  • mounting and setting up a lighting scheme, installing a light control system;
  • Checking the security requirements provided for by regulations;
  • training of personnel and persons responsible for the operation of electrical equipment, transfer of technical documentation;
  • Maintenance, repair, modification and modernization of previously designed lighting systems.

After drawing up the terms of reference and studying your wishes, we will prepare a lighting project as soon as possible. To learn more about the terms of cooperation with our company, use the consultation by phone numbers listed on the site, or leave your questions in the feedback form.

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