Lighting of shopping malls

Creating a lighting system for shopping centers is a task that should be entrusted only to experienced specialists. On how correctly the corresponding project will be prepared, the perception of the shopping facility, the convenience of the guests of the center and the level of their service. The best option for the shopping center are a variety of LED lamps. Buy the necessary lighting devices made using LED technology, you you can at HOKASU. Our experts will help you place an order, tell you what models are best used in certain areas and how to place them correctly.

Goals and objectives of shopping mall lighting

Each object of trade is individual, however, there are a number of common goals and objectives that are set to lighting experts. They are the following:

  • creating such illumination that works to reveal the main design idea, which is the basis for interior solutions;
  • formation of a memorable image of the institution, creation of original lighting, which will highlight a specific retail facility from a number of similar ones, which will contribute to increase in the flow of customers;
  • comfort of general light, which in terms of its performance approaches natural, thanks to this a pleasant and cozy atmosphere is created, appears sense of security.

Shopping center lighting: principles of system creation

Properly prepared lighting becomes an important component of the interior mall compositions. It must be designed individually, taking into account the configuration of the building, its specific orientation, glazing features and used for interior finishing materials.

The following principles underlie the creation of lighting in the shopping and entertainment center:

  • Features of interior lighting should be in harmony with the implemented interior solutions and outdoor lighting;
  • the level of illumination should be about 1500 lux (entrance group, stair structures, escalators, corridors, high traffic areas);
  • shopping mall lighting is made more subdued so as not to interrupt projects, sold in individual mall stores (about 400 lux).

As a result, the degree of illumination should be such that it does not create an excessive load on eyes, but at the same time sufficient for a comfortable stay in the shopping center.

Types of lighting in the shopping center

General lighting

It allows visitors to confidently navigate shopping galleries, gives the ability to quickly assess the assortment in stores. The central light should be to the maximum provide good visibility throughout the area of the mall. To accomplish this task, we use ceiling fixtures with diffused light. They are installed evenly to ensure quality lighting throughout the space. Less commonly used decorative chandelier (only in small spaces). For shopping centers of a large area, the best option can be become appliances with economical LED lamps.

Illumination of peripheral zones

To ensure the comfort and safety of shopping mall visitors it is necessary that the entrance groups, stairs, escalators, places service, fitting rooms. Quality lighting also contributes to creating a positive atmosphere. When devices are located in peripheral areas, it is necessary to take into account attention to the presence of glossy surfaces (mirror, glass, etc.) that are capable of reflect light. Instruments shall be installed in such a way as to provide sufficient visibility, but not create a blinding effect.

Accent lighting

It is necessary to attract the attention of visitors in the trading in the hall to a specific group of goods, for example, to a new collection of clothes or shoes, popular models of equipment, etc. To place visual accents, a directional light in certain areas: niches in walls, shelving, in arches and corridors.

Selection of equipment for shopping center lighting

The optimal solution for large shopping centers is the use of LED lamps. They can be represented by linear systems, built-in ceiling models, LED strip.

If we are talking about the choice of equipment that will be installed at a considerable height (about 4.5 meters), then it is worth using linear pendant lights. At the lower levels you can place built-in models. Navigation and accent lighting are created using LED strip. The right combination of different light sources makes the interior shopping facility is more expressive and attractive.

In the case when it is necessary to create atrium lighting, LED- equipment. It does not generate much heat, which has a positive effect on the service life glass dome compositions. You also need to understand that the likelihood of leaks is high, therefore, to illuminate atrium areas, it is worth using devices that belong to the category waterproof (from IP 45 and above).

In addition, replacing lighting fixtures at high altitudes is problematic. Because of this, it is worth purchase reliable devices with a high operational resource that do not require frequent Maintenance.

When buying models for organizing evacuation lighting, you need to pay attention to light sources with a color rendering index of at least Ra 40. According to regulations, after turning off the main light, the emergency lighting of shopping centers should work on 50% after 5 seconds and 100% after 10 seconds.

The main mistakes in the coverage of the mall

Most often, when implementing a lighting project for shopping centers, the following mistakes are made:

  • direction of a powerful stream of light from top to bottom, uneven distribution devices, which leads to insufficient illumination of some areas and blinding in others;
  • ignoring the specifics of interior decoration, resulting in the appearance of glare on the walls, which creates discomfort;
  • the lighting of the galleries is too bright, as a result of which the backlighting of shop windows on the general background is lost.

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