LED module: the difference between the tape, the advantages

The Japanese company HOKASU has developed a completely new product - the LED module, which is superior in reliability to any powerful LED strip. The module is made on an aluminum base, which actively dissipates heat, extending the life of the LEDs and protecting the board from physical damage.

An important factor in choosing an effective light source is its light output - the value is measured in lumens per watt (lm/W).

The higher the number, the more efficient the lamp - more light is produced with less power. Conversely, the lower the number, the lower the luminous efficiency of the lamp. It is the luminous efficacy that indicates how many lumens of visible light a light source produces by consuming a unit of electrical power. This implies that for every watt of electric power consumed by a light source there is a strictly defined number of lumens of visible luminous flux emitted by it.
The importance of light output is firmly linked to the technology of light source production. It is obvious that incandescent lamps, which are losing their position as the main light sources, are far inferior to modern light sources with a much higher light output.

This is precisely because the high luminous efficacy directly contributes to energy conservation, and the progress in the development of increasingly sophisticated, in terms of light output, light sources, such as LED module.

The modern crystals installed in the HOKASU module made it possible to achieve a light output of >130 lm/W in the finished product - the best indicator for such equipment.

For comparison: luminous efficiency of high-power LED strip - 100-110lm/W, fluorescent lamp - up to 25-50lm/W, and incandescent lamp - about 10lm/W.

When making Linear HOKASU lights we use LED modules. The module will last more than 15 years, and we provide a warranty.

Recall that we are the only official representative of Japanese company HOKASU in Russia.

Our catalog contains more than 900 different ribbons and modules. With a convenient filter (on the left side of the catalog) you can quickly find the light source of interest: by color, LED size, purpose, power supply voltage, protection class.

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