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There is no limitation on the length of the luminaire. It is possible to create broken and intersecting light lines. HOKASU luminaires are designed so that profile elements can be assembled at different angles (45°, 60°, 90° and 135°) without any visible joints.

You can make several smaller luminaires from one luminaire (according to individual size) and pick up one or more power sources.
Power supplies are selected individually for each project. They can be installed inside or outside the luminaire. External power supplies are not limited in size. With their high power, they can supply power to an entire linear lighting system consisting of several luminaires.

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The linear luminaire consists of:

  • aluminum profile;
  • LED module;
  • matt cover made of durable polycarbonate and acrylic;
  • power supply.

There is no limitation on the length of the luminaire. It is possible to create broken and intersecting light lines. The design of HOKASU luminaires allows assembling profile elements at different angles (45°, 60°, 90°, and 135°) without visible joints.

From one luminaire, it is possible to make several smaller luminaires (according to individual size) and select one or more power sources.
Power sources are selected individually for each project. They can be installed inside or outside the luminaire. External sources of power are not limited in size. With high power, they can provide power to the entire linear lighting system, consisting of several luminaires.


Installation of recessed luminaires with a visible frame "IN" does not require careful preparation of the hole. All ceiling irregularities are hidden by the luminaire body. Using ordinary screws, you can attach the luminaire directly to the rough ceiling behind the drywall. If this option is not available, you can use special mounts.

With the help of a special adjustable suspended luminaire system, the luminaire can be easily installed at the required height. This is a popular solution for installing luminaires in offices for additional bright lighting of the workspace.

Surface-mounted luminaire can be mounted on any surface without compromising its integrity (ceiling/wall). Surface-mounted luminaires are ideal for rooms with low ceilings.

When installing a luminaire with hidden frames "edgeless", the luminaire body is placed in a niche and screwed with screws directly to the drywall. Then the edges of the luminaire are covered with a layer of plaster. As a result, you get a light strip without visible boundaries.

Diffuser for HOKASU Linear Luminaires

When choosing any luminaire, you can order a matte diffuser or a transparent one with a microprism effect. Regardless of your choice, it will be pleasant and uniform, like a crystal. German light-diffusing polycarbonate is used for production, but to make it truly the best in the world, we have applied a number of patented technologies.

Microprism and HGC (HOKASU glare control)

To account for the level of eye discomfort caused by modern artificial light, such a characteristic of luminaires as the Unified Glare Rating or UGR (Unified Glare Rating) was introduced. This standard requires reducing the power of LEDs, which affects the energy efficiency and cost of lighting. more... To solve this problem, especially for commercial facilities, we have created HGC diffusers. Transparent and prismatic, with very high light transmittance and a pleasant geometric lighting effect. HGC diffusers comply with the UGR standard and allow increasing the efficiency of lighting in commercial spaces up to 90%.

HEP (HOKASU protect cover)

Elegant solid light lines of HOKASU are the most modern type of lighting today. Our linear luminaires are advanced in both design and technology. Company engineers, applying a series of technological innovations, more... made the luminaire durable and efficient. The diffuser is made using patented co-extrusion technology - HEP. Each diffuser is made of two different materials:

  • polycarbonate, for resistance to external influences and temperature. Ideal for indoor and outdoor use;
  • acrylic (PMMA), to prevent yellowing under the influence of ultraviolet rays. Throughout its service life, which is more than 10 years, the luminaire retains its beauty without changing the color temperature.

HHC (HOKASU heat control)

The main factor affecting the durability of the luminaire is good cooling of LED modules, which is very important to consider when designing more... . And since the basis of any HOKASU linear luminaire is aviation aluminum, the only element poorly conducting heat, remained the diffuser. We found a simple and original solution. HHC is a special polycarbonate, the heat dissipation of which is 10 times higher than that of ordinary untreated plastic.

The production of the diffuser is certified according to numerous international standards: ISO 527-1,-2, ISO 899-1, ISO 178, ISO 179-1eU, SO 6603-2, ISO 306, ISO 11359-1,-2, IEC 60250, ISO 13468-2, ISO 11357-1,-2...

Variety of Shapes and Sizes

An important detail for implementing a non-standard idea is HOKASU's proprietary connectors.

The basis of the HOKASU linear luminaire is a housing made of aluminum profile* and an LED module with a division multiple of <3cm. The main advantage of this solution is the absence of length limitation for the luminaire and bending of the light strip. By combining luminaires using a huge number of various connecting elements, it is possible to create continuous broken and intersecting light lines.

Even for a master with extensive experience in assembling linear lighting systems, it is very difficult to achieve high-quality work without specialized equipment. Therefore, we have released a range of shaped and angled elements, with which even a novice specialist can assemble a non-standard luminaire of complex shape in minutes.


Powder Coating according to RAL

We individually approach each project, so we are always ready to select the optimal color for the luminaire according to your design project. Our color palette includes more than 180 different shades.

Other Types of Coating

We are ready to perform complex painting, decoration imitating wood, titanium nitride coating, as well as implement other interesting ideas.

Standard colors of HOKASU aluminum profile:

  • black (RAL9005);
  • white (RAL9010);
  • anodized (silver).

Color Rendering Index

Light Source (LED Module)

In our luminaires, we use LED modules produced under the Japanese brand HOKASU. These modules guarantee: good color rendering index, high efficiency A++ (>130lm/w), continuous uniform light line (without visible points and boundaries).

(CRI, also known as Ra) - a parameter characterizing the level of correspondence of the natural color of an object to its apparent color when illuminated, was proposed in 1965. It is believed that for high-quality light for residential premises, CRI should be at least 80.
According to HOKASU standards, the color rendering index of the luminaire is CRI>85. Mostly LEDs with CRI > 90 are used.

Unlike color rendering, brightness and color temperature vary for different models.
Based on the tasks set and customer preferences, we select the necessary equipment.

Color Temperature


Warm cozy light with a yellowish tint is perfect for creating a relaxing atmosphere in your bedroom or in relaxation areas, spas, and restaurants.


Soft and pleasant shade for creating a bright and favorable atmosphere both in residential and commercial premises. According to statistics, >85% of lighting projects worldwide are implemented using light sources in this color temperature.


Bright neutral white shade is suitable for giving objects a natural shine and for better reproduction of natural colors. Used in car showrooms or beauty salons.


  • Safe. HOKASU luminaires do not use mercury in production.
  • Economical. Electricity consumption is reduced by approximately 85%.
  • Have a long service life.

Consultants are ready to help you choose lighting equipment.