Line lighting

There is no limitation on the length of the luminaire. It is possible to create broken and intersecting light lines. HOKASU luminaires are designed so that profile elements can be assembled at different angles (45°, 60°, 90° and 135°) without any visible joints.

You can make several smaller luminaires from one luminaire (according to individual size) and pick up one or more power sources.
Power supplies are selected individually for each project. They can be installed inside or outside the luminaire. External power supplies are not limited in size. With their high power, they can supply power to an entire linear lighting system consisting of several luminaires.

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Lighting customization

We specialize in the production of linear lighting from original components manufactured under the Japanese brand HOKASU. By contacting our company, you get professional service and high-quality of work performed.

Individual production

In its original form, the linear luminaire is a 2.5m long aluminum profile and an LED module. Thanks to the combination of fixtures and the ability to cut the body (profile) at any angle, it is possible to create broken and intersecting lines of light. From one luminaire, you can make several smaller luminaires (by individual size) and pick up one or more power sources.

Powder coating according to RAL

We can paint the body of any lamp specially for you!


HOKASU linear LED luminaires are suitable for full lighting and illumination of individual parts of the room. Thanks to linear lamps, you can highlight certain elements of the interior, trade offers or highlight furniture, cornices. Universal mounting:

  • overhead/suspended;
  • embedded;
  • hidden under the putty.

Suitable mainly for a modern interior, or Scandinavian. The assortment of our company includes only lamps from the Japanese brand HOKASU. These are the only fixtures that meet the highest quality standards.


  • Safe.
    Mercury is not used in the production of HOKASU lamps.
  • Economical.
    Energy consumption is reduced by approximately 85%.
  • They have a long service life.

We also recommend modular luminaires.
HOKASU consultants are ready to help you choose your lighting equipment.