Bold bedroom in dark colors

The author of the project, Daria Russu, divided the small room with a partition and made a light, open system with hangers, sliding drawers and a roomy floor-to-ceiling closet.

An LED strip with a frosted diffuser was hidden behind the ceiling, raising it slightly upwards and further emphasizing the window ensemble. In addition, the wall bas-relief, the closet, and the furniture composition were expressively illuminated.

The bed with a low headboard was placed near the main accent of the interior - a "crumpled" wall, which became not only a visual, but also a literary accent, resembling a crumpled sheet of paper. The niche in the ceiling was decorated with a scattering of luminous LED pearls.

Along the window, movable slatted partitions were provided to replace the usual tulle - they not only diffuse light beautifully, but also create a sense of privacy, hiding the bedroom from the neighbors from the house across the street.

As a result, we have a calm, laconic interior without bright accents, while being very functional and, most importantly, "not like everyone else.

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