Bedroom lighting

The bedroom is the heart of every home. Only here you can completely relax in peace and quiet. Perhaps that is why everyone tries to make this room as beautiful as possible. And if you are looking for interesting ideas for your bedroom, then you have come to the right page.

In addition to the standard requirements for arranging residential lighting fixtures, when choosing a lighting scheme in the bedroom, you need to take into account the individual characteristics of family members. For a comfortable and cozy pastime, rest and sleep, it is not enough to choose lamps with subdued light or install low-power lamps. ULIGHT specialists will help to design and install individual lighting solutions that will meet your wishes, safety, ergonomics and design rules.

How to choose the right lighting for the bedroom

The functionality of sleeping quarters is not limited solely to sleep and rest. In most cases, the bedroom serves as a place to continue the natural life cycle - communication with a spouse or family members, an entertainment area for children, an evening rest after daytime chores. These and many other criteria should be taken into account when choosing lighting in the bedroom of your house or apartment.

HOKASU specializes in the design and installation of lighting systems for any residential or non-residential premises. The collection of our products includes more than 15 thousand items. You can select the necessary fixtures in the catalog. We will help you choose and install lighting in the bedroom, taking into account the following factors:

  • providing fire and electrical safety for all family members;
  • using sources of natural evening or morning light;
  • individual features of the bedroom, placement of entrances and furniture arrangement;
  • age and gender criteria influencing the choice of lighting solutions;
  • other criteria based on your wishes and recommendations of our experts.

Naturally, the choice of equipment and lighting system for bedrooms does not require high levels of illumination. In the evening, morning and night, a person needs a comfortable atmosphere, which can only be provided by soft and warm lighting. To take into account these moments, we will offer the optimal balance of light sources, provide a convenient system for controlling lamps, angles and lighting directions.

Depending on the wishes of the client, the project of lighting solutions can include:

  • extremely soft and muted light sources;
  • a multifunctional control system that allows you to vary the brightness of the lighting depending on the needs of family members. For example, for a children's bedroom, it would be best to install bright light sources for outdoor activities and a night mode for a restful sleep;
  • A bedroom LED lighting system that provides maximum eye comfort, creating a cozy and soothing atmosphere before bedtime.

You can get acquainted with the options of work performed by our specialists on behalf of customers. This will help you choose the main directions for organizing the light in your bedroom, which will be finalized by our specialists for the individual characteristics of your order.

The quality and performance of lighting fixtures and lighting control systems is important. We offer equipment from leading domestic and world manufacturers, which has all the necessary certificates and permits. You can make your own choice of lighting sources or use the recommendations of our experts who have been working in the field of lighting design for a long time.

Bedroom on the Embankment

The benefits of working with our company

Each person's day begins and ends in the bedroom, so the choice of lighting in these rooms should be treated with special attention. Our experts will provide a full range of services for the development, installation and maintenance of standard and individual lighting solutions - from simple lamps to multifunctional devices.

Significant advantages of working with ULIGHT include:

  • consulting support for both ordinary citizens and connoisseurs of exquisite lighting solutions;
  • fast and professional preparation of the project, delivery and installation of selected lighting fixtures;
  • professional solution of problems of any complexity - from arranging lighting in the bedroom of an apartment to complex schemes of private households;
  • using only high-quality materials, electrical equipment and lighting fixtures that meet all requirements and standards.

Turning to ULIGHT, you will receive a work of art in the field of light, even if your bedroom is a typical room in a small apartment. To clarify the conditions of work with our specialists, use the consultation. You can do this by calling the numbers listed on the site, or through the feedback form.

Calculation of bedroom illumination

When developing a project, it can be difficult to understand how much light will be needed in a room and certain areas. To avoid shortages or overruns, a detailed calculation is necessary. What is meant by illumination calculation? – Determining the number of required fixtures and their characteristics for the room.

It is quite difficult to perform it on your own - the procedure requires a deep understanding of the specifics of light and certain knowledge. We make an accurate calculation of illumination using modern equipment. We are ready to make a calculation and selection of equipment for your project for free.

What do you need to do this?
  • Send us a drawing or plan of the premises for which you need to calculate by e-mail
  • Indicate the color scheme of the walls and floor, the height of the ceiling, indicate the purpose of the premises.
  • Select and specify the models of luminaires from our catalog that you plan to install.
As a result, you get a detailed technical description and a project manager.

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