Apartment lighting

The thoughtful lighting of an apartment or a private house is an important point when it comes to interior design, especially for functional spaces such as the entrance hall, kitchen and bathroom. When organizing lighting in an apartment or house, you need to consider that it will be different for each room, since each room has its own specifics. In this article, we will consider how to properly organize light in residential premises and choose modern lighting systems.

First impression: hallway

The room that makes the first and, therefore, the main and most memorable impression on us when we enter the apartment. The main property that should be present in every hallway is functional lighting, combined with the interior.

The selection of lamps in the corridor and hallway is approached responsibly, because there are no windows and natural light. There are general principles for creating the right lighting, check out:

  • A dark corridor creates a tiring atmosphere and a bad mood;
  • The main interior of the house should be combined with the hallway lighting;
  • Corridor lighting will be divided into local and main, it is important that they are combined and together create the perfect combination;
  • The average lighting parameters for the hallway are 1 lm per 1 sq. m (50 - 80 lux);
  • The light is evenly distributed along the corridor, regardless of its shape and size.

Linear luminaires

Uniform light in a well-thought-out layout can be created by LED linear lamps - they fit perfectly into the modern interior of the hallway, these are the most popular light sources for this room.

The reason for this preference is clear: reflected light from the ceiling and walls illuminates the room, and helps avoid any shadows. Linear recessed luminaires are attached to any ceiling without violating its integrity.

Linear fixtures also differ in the installation method. The HOKASU collection includes a series of surface, suspended, built-in and putty installations. We also produce modular designs that allow you to create various shapes: a ring, a hexagon, a zigzag, a triangle, a square, a molecule.

Recommended Models:

  • Suspended/surface-mounted lamp HOKASU S50, HOKASU 35/40 U&D, HOKASU S35
  • Recessed luminaire HOKASU 100/40 IN, HOKASU 35/25 IN
  • Recessed lamp (for putty) HOKASU S35 edgeless, HOKASU 49/32 edgeless

In the hallway, LED lighting with directional light can also be used to emphasize the significance of a painting, artwork or architectural detail. Proper lighting is designed to make your room the most comfortable and cozy.

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The soul of the apartment: the kitchen

To create a modern interior and a welcoming atmosphere, at least two main types of lighting need to be combined: general, the main purpose of which is to provide a good and comfortable level of visibility; local, helping to highlight and decorate some aspects, at the same time, allowing you to visually make the room more spacious and stylish.

When choosing kitchen fixtures, the color of the walls is primarily taken into account. Dark walls reflect less light, so you should choose fixtures that have more light output. If the color of the walls is bright, then accordingly you need to choose LED lamps with a lower luminous flux. When allocating separate kitchen areas, it is important to take into account the places where the daily tasks of the housewives will be performed - the area near the stove, desktop and sink.

Recessed lights

Instead of the strong and too bright light of traditional lamps, modern fixtures recessed ceiling allow you to control the light, dimming or vice versa - increasing the brightness of the light in the kitchen.

The main criterion for choosing recessed LED ceiling luminaires is technical characteristics and aesthetic appearance. In our assortment you can find both classic models and the most modern solutions.

Recommended Series:

  • Round lights
  • Square lights
  • Gimbal and turning lights
  • Downlights

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In the bathroom

Bathroom lighting is critical - it must be well planned to prevent glare and shadows. Properly selected light creates a relaxing environment and improves mood. When arranging fixtures in the bathroom, it is necessary to take into account the areas where daily hygiene procedures will be performed, such as applying makeup, shaving, etc.

Waterproof LED strip is perfect for interior illumination of areas subject to high humidity. Glued inside the aluminum profile, the tape will last for a long time. After all, the LED, in fact, is almost an eternal device.

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Family atmosphere: living room

Family members spend a lot of time in the living room to spend time together or receive guests. The optimal lighting solution for this room is the use of LED light sources, which create comfort and coziness for the household and their guests.

As with most other spaces, living room lighting projects involve the use of fixtures to provide general, local, and decorative light.

Best solution!

When organizing general lighting, you should use magnetic lights located in the central part of the ceiling. The main task is to achieve an even and optimal in terms of brightness stream of light. It should not hit the eyes and cause fatigue, but at the same time not be too dull.

General lighting can be arranged using lines of light that will create a pleasant diffused light. In this case, you need several of them, placing them at the same distance from each other will make it possible to achieve uniform illumination of the entire area of \u200b\u200bthe room.

Local lighting is aimed at highlighting several zones within one room. Track spots created using LED technology are most often used for it. It is better to choose warm light fixtures, because cold tones are more suitable for work spaces - offices or home offices.

Recommended Series:

  • Compact Magnetic System OneLine
  • An extended version of the magnetic system OneLine+

Local lighting is aimed at highlighting several zones within one room. For it, sconces, table lamps, floor lamps, created using LED technology, are most often used. It is better to choose warm light bulbs, because cold tones are more suitable for work spaces - offices or home offices.

One of the popular interior solutions for living rooms is the creation of decorative lighting. It is carried out using an LED strip, which in most cases is placed between the levels of stretch ceilings. A wide range of such light sources makes it possible to choose the color, intensity and lighting mode that is used to decorate the living room.

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Nursery lighting

The physical and emotional comfort of young family members, and hence their harmonious development, depends on the lighting in the children's room.

The location and number of fixtures will depend on the size of the room. Now designers recommend conditionally dividing space into zones. In accordance with age, the child's room is divided into 3 main areas: work, play and recreation area. Each of them has separate requirements.

In the nursery, it is important to combine the central lamp and several other light sources that will illuminate the work area or play area. The main task of artificial light sources is to ensure the uniform distribution of soft lighting. We recommend placing the track system along the perimeter of the ceiling - the tracks will evenly illuminate the room and all corners.

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Calculation of apartment illumination

When developing a project, it can be difficult to understand how much light will be needed in a room and certain areas. To avoid shortages or overruns, a detailed calculation is necessary. What is meant by illumination calculation? – Determining the number of required fixtures and their characteristics for the room.

It is quite difficult to perform it on your own - the procedure requires a deep understanding of the specifics of light and certain knowledge. We make an accurate calculation of illumination using modern equipment. We are ready to make a calculation and selection of equipment for your project for free.

What do you need to do this?

  • Send us a drawing or plan of the premises for which you need to calculate by e-mail sale@hokasu.com.
  • Indicate the color scheme of the walls and floor, the height of the ceiling, indicate the purpose of the premises.
  • Select and specify the models of luminaires from our catalog that you plan to install.
As a result, you get a detailed technical description and a project manager.


The process of assembling LED lamps takes very little time. Installation must be carried out competently, in accordance with existing norms and rules, with the fulfillment of the necessary electrical calculations for short circuit currents and voltage losses. You can always get the necessary advice from our specialists.

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