Apartment lighting

When it comes to lighting up your apartment or country house, it's important to consider that lighting for each room should be different, depending on the type of space, dimensions, and owners' taste preferences.

Over 10 years of experience in implementing premium-class projects, we have formulated three key components of a truly stunning project:

  • Design and lighting calculation;
  • High lighting performance;
  • High reliability and guarantee of long-term operation without loss of technical characteristics.


Lighting design and engineering is a complex and multifaceted area. To create a truly stunning project, one must have deep knowledge in the field of lighting technology, electrical engineering, and also understand modern lighting control systems. Regardless of the quality of lighting, any project should start with lighting calculations. Professional companies employ specialists with not only university education but also years of experience. We strive to create lighting that is as close as possible to natural daylight, combining uniform and accent lighting to reduce eye strain and eliminate glare, while providing the necessary illumination. Additionally, well-placed switches and additional light sources can significantly increase household comfort. Think about how you feel on a bright sunny day and what sensations you have on a cloudy day. We all feel better outside in soft sunlight. Our mood improves, and serotonin levels increase.

High Lighting Performance

After creating a quality project, we need to ensure that the luminaires meet the parameters used by engineers in computer simulations. The quality and accuracy of optics, power supplies, and LEDs are tested in laboratories, and the obtained data is entered into special files provided by lighting specialists. In addition to such basic characteristics as brightness, power, and beam angle, there are more complex and non-obvious factors, including the international light quality standard TM-30. This index shows how artificial lighting compares to natural sunlight, which is taken as the standard. If this indicator is low, then even with sufficient illumination, being in the room does not contribute to serotonin production; on the contrary, it can worsen mood and comfort levels.

High Reliability and Guarantee of Long-Term Operation Without Loss of Technical Characteristics

High reliability and an attractive appearance are not just characteristics of premium lighting, but its mandatory attributes.
Here, the principle of "buy it and forget it" applies. The service life of quality luminaires should be comparable to their warranty period, which usually ranges from 5 to 15 years. In addition, luminaires should maintain their factory characteristics throughout the entire service life. LEDs, as is known, are subject to degradation, and their brightness decreases over time. To extend the service life, it is necessary to use high-quality LEDs of the latest generation from manufacturers such as Bridgelux, CREE, CITIZEN, NICHIA, and also to apply efficient cooling systems made of aluminum alloys. For example, in the HOKASU company, all luminaire housings are made of high-purity and high-density aviation aluminum. A solid piece of aluminum is turned into a housing after processing on 5-axis turning and milling machines.

We have shared the basic principles of lighting. However, there are many parameters and nuances behind the scenes that are not described within the framework of this article. Our task was to convey to you that when purchasing premium lighting, you pay not only for the product but also for the level of life it provides. Evaluating the cost of your comfort is quite difficult, and everyone does it in their own way. However, one thing is clear - the cost of your own well-being and the cost of a simple light bulb are significantly different.

You can familiarize yourself with the principles of lighting for each specific room in other sections of our professional blog.

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