Villa Korfez

We designed and manufactured a custom lighting system for Körfez Villa from scratch, utilizing advanced technology from the HOKASU ONELINE lighting system. The fixtures were carefully selected to create optimal and comfortable lighting.

In the hallways, fixtures with a narrow beam angle and recessed lenses illuminate the passages discreetly, providing functionality and aesthetics simultaneously.

The living room features a mobile app-controlled lighting system that allows switching between various modes, adapting to different scenarios such as movie viewing, creating a cozy atmosphere for evening relaxation, or providing bright lighting for tabletop games.

In the bedroom, fixtures with concealed optics ensure uniform and comfortable lighting without causing discomfort according to the customer's preferences.

Additionally, the project includes fixtures specifically designed for the wardrobe and kitchen, eliminating shadow formation and emphasizing the functionality of these spaces.

Throughout the house, DOT fixtures are evenly distributed, providing primary lighting and creating a harmonious atmosphere in every corner of Körfez Villa.

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