Co-working Yasnaya Polyana

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Implemented project - Kovorking Yasnaya Polyana.
A new workspace in the heart of St. Petersburg. Modern office with author's design.

In our own production facility, we produced a series of functional recessed linear luminaires and pendant Y-shaped luminaires that complemented the modern space with individuality.

With the help of quality HOKASU lighting equipment we have achieved an increase in the work efficiency and productivity of the co-working room participants. Sophisticated luminaires of the Japanese manufacturer will give the room a presentable and modern look.

Space Pass

A workspace for 16 people with a bright screen, Alexander Dashevsky's painting "Colosseum", and a modern light scenario: the Yasnaya Polyana co-working space. The windows of the space overlook an old building, which blocks the passage of natural light into the room - the disadvantage is compensated for by the original light scenario inside the space.

The right light creates visual effects that motivate the co-working participants, improves their mood, and also serves as a decoration of the design.

To convey the volume of space, to emphasize stylistic solutions and create an appropriate atmosphere turned out thanks to the lines of light HOKASU S50 in silver, arranged in a chaotic pattern. The S50 series with a matte diffuser provides even illumination and no pixelation.

Resurrection Space

Working space for 24 seats with a view of Leo Tolstoy Square. A special feature of the Resurrection glade is the restored brick wall of the mansion. The space is designed in loft style. The interior of the glade is complemented by the painting "Bomb shelter" by the famous Russian artist Alexander Dashevsky and installations by Mikhail Buntin.

The space is convenient in that a line of light with a frosted diffuser is installed above each work table, providing an even distribution of light across the work surface.

Especially for Yasnaya Polyana, we optimized the lighting design and produced the HOKASU S50 line lights in silver color. The S50 series is a modern solution for office space. It has clear geometry and individual style.

Yasnaya Polyana co-working is located in a historical mansion on Leo Tolstoy Square in Petrogradskaya Street. The building was built in 1903 and originally housed V.M. Korzinin's income house and communal apartments in Soviet times. It took more than two years to turn the former communal flats into a comfortable workspace - that is how long it took to complete the full renovation and to develop the design project and bring it to life. The main goal was to create a space where the author's interior is combined with modern technology, and every detail inspires productive work and creativity.

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