Office lighting

Office lighting is the most important issue when designing a new workspace. It affects the performance of employees, emphasizes all the details of the future interior. Savings and the wrong approach, in the future, can cause difficulties and additional costs, at the same time, good lighting will increase team productivity, and the company's profits will increase! If you don't want to read the whole article, then the link will give you a quick look at the best lighting options for the modern office.
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Unfortunately, indoor lighting often leaves a lot to be desired.
The light can be:

  • dim;
  • overly bright;
  • shimmering;
  • shadow maker;
  • color distorting;
  • fluorescent (makes noise and has an unnatural color).

Classic office lighting solutions can only be turned on and off. There are no other options for controlling the light. Such luminaires are completely inadequate for the needs of the modern workplace.

At HOKASU we take a holistic approach to office lighting. We produce luminaires that eliminate all imperfections as early as the prototyping stage.
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Types of lighting in the office

When competently designing lighting systems, light accents and inclusion scenarios, you need to eliminate all the disadvantages of old light sources and use all the advantages of modern lighting devices. By type, lighting can be divided into four main groups:

General office lighting

Lighting that provides the main light in the room is called general lighting. Such lighting should not be too bright or it will contribute to rapid eye fatigue.
Such lighting is suitable for:

The general lighting in the office should be uniform. It should not emphasize certain areas of the room with brighter or lesser light.
General illumination is created:

Accent or local

Such lighting to some extent serves the opposite function to the general one.
Suitable for:


For more comfortable and prolonged work it is necessary to provide bright light on the work surface. The light should illuminate the employee's desk with diffused light, not create glare on reflective surfaces: monitor, clock, jewelry, etc.. Light should not shine in the eyes, fall on "heads", faces, chairs and other areas that are not associated with employees. A person's attention is better concentrated on those objects that stand out from the rest. In this case it should be a desk (computer, paper, keyboard).
Local lighting is created:

  • line lights medium power and low suspension height directly above the workplace;
  • table lamps with the right light beam (optional).

Selecting objects

Such lighting is created by track lights of low power.

  • Painting and diploma lighting;
  • awards and souvenirs;
  • bookshelves.

Universal — right choice!

The choice of lighting equipment depends on:

  • room purposes;
  • the height of the ceilings and the way the lighting is installed;
  • furniture arrangements;
  • interior tones (color of walls, floor, etc.)

We can prepare a calculation for you, select the necessary equipment and create in your future office favorable lighting with the necessary light accents (over the working areas). To account for the level of eye discomfort created by modern artificial lighting, we use equipment with diffused light, the required light intensity curve - LIDC and low UGR glare factor. We at HOKASU do the lighting calculation and selection of equipment for free! Send the project to and we will prepare a CP for you within one day!

For versatile office lighting, this is the way to go:

  • linear lights high power and medium suspension height, directly above the workplace (2 to 2.5 m from the floor);


It would be more correct to use the expression not "decorative lighting" but "decorative lights". 
It is those fixtures that are installed as a decoration. There is no specialized calculation of illumination for such devices.

Color temperature

The color temperature, along with the color rendering index (CRI), is the most important characteristic of LED luminaires. At night, in the absence of natural light, it determines how comfortable you feel in the room.
The choice of color temperature for the office is determined solely from a functional point of view, not from a design perspective.
The workspace should be illuminated with a color temperature as close as possible to the color of natural light (approximately 4000 - 4500 K). If there is a deviation from this value, human performance will drop precipitously. For comparison, with yellow light (3000K) it will be only 90%. In northern latitudes the duration of the sunny day is low. In winter, even in Moscow, it gets dark after 4:00 p.m.
In good light you will not feel fatigue, and you will be weakly affected by such factors as dusk, darkness, cloudiness....

Soft warm colors

Create warm and cozy lighting (3000K) in places where you want to achieve a relaxing effect:

  • kitchen or coffee point;
  • recreation areas.

Illumination standards

In European countries, the level of illumination (this is how bright it is in the room), uses a unified standard of illumination of workplaces EN 12464-1.
For example

  • workplace - 500 lux;
  • drawing - 750 lux;
  • walls, floor - 100 lux.

However, observations and surveys of our clients show that this is not enough and that lighting should be 30% higher than the prescribed standards. Interesting fact:
After the invention of the incandescent light bulb, sleep for the average European decreased by two hours. This increased human productivity by six years!
If you want to know more about how to calculate illumination, read our article

Lighting calculation

Calculation of illumination - a concept that refers to a set of works on the selection and efficient placement of lamps and spotlights, as well as calculating the energy consumption of the lighting system for the illuminated object.

Turning to our company for lighting for the office, you can be sure of the result, because we simulate the lighting in advance and identify all the shortcomings at the design stage.

Here's how we create awesome lighting


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