Ascreen office project in open space style

Harmonious company open space Ascreen.
Monochrome colors, an abundance of natural materials, a modern lighting system: the new project by Anastasia Shabelskaya.

The interior, thought-out to the smallest detail, is inextricably linked to the direction of the business. The company creates state-of-the-art technology in multimedia - the value is reflected in the design.

The HOKASU S50 series of linear luminaires in silver color brings dynamics to a static space. When switched on, they transform not only the work surfaces of employees, but also the entire floor.

In between work processes, employees can observe life in old Petersburg courtyards thanks to large panoramic windows - the "open style" allows the space to be filled with plenty of natural light.

A palette of monochrome colors and a graceful line of light turn the meeting room into a cozy space for generating new ideas. Designer Anastasia Shabelskaya chose lush colors for the furniture and walls, an idea that supports the overall design concept of the office.

The panoramic partition that separates the meeting room from the open workspace visually increases the space.

Especially for the Ascreen meeting room, we prepared the HOKASU Frame luminaire in silver color. The unique design follows the layout of the room and creates a special atmosphere of comfort.

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