Open space lighting

Open spaces are becoming more and more popular every year. Little is known about the benefits of this kind of workspace organisation. The question often arises - do workers feel comfortable in an open space? As it turns out, companies often have problems with lighting, many of whom irrationally use pendant or overhead LED ceiling fixtures. In this article, we try to break down the important functions of lighting in an openpace and look at the effectiveness of one or another luminaire.

In an open office space, in most cases, workplaces, meeting areas, and areas for communication and recreation are located in the same room, while lighting requirements in different areas can vary significantly. It is important to create a well-lit space and a pleasant atmosphere. When planning lighting, you need to pay attention to the spread of light and use fixtures that eliminate the risk of glare, since the direction of view of people who are simultaneously in the room can be different, as well as the location of computer monitors.

The combination of direct and reflected light reduces the risk of glare or glare. To create the most energy-efficient solution, it is necessary to determine in advance the size of work areas, their number and location. The illumination of work areas should be higher, while for rest areas lower levels of illumination and different light sources can be used. To create conditions for the best visual and emotional perception, it is important to illuminate the vertical surfaces of the room. Directly near the workplace, the difference in brightness values ​​should not be too large. Creating some light accents contributes to a positive perception of space, but the light transitions should be soft.

Do not forget that the functionality, namely the achievement of the recommended levels of illumination, the ability to control, change and regulate, compatibility with other systems in combination with furniture and colors creates an atmosphere in the room.

Built-in lighting systems for the office

Such systems are suitable if the room has low ceilings or in cases where the color or design of the ceiling does not allow the use of reflected light. In large offices, recessed lighting may also be preferred if it is not necessary to orient the lighting to workspaces, to facilitate furniture rearrangement or to create a more cohesive space. For example, you can use linear lights HOKASU.

In order to avoid the risk of glare and glare on computer screens, it is especially important that built-in luminaires have effective shielding grilles. Shadows from office partitions can create small dark areas, then general lighting can be supplemented by separate local lighting.

Hanging lighting systems in the office

Suspended lighting systems are generally more flexible than recessed ones. In this case, flexibility refers to the ability of a person to influence the lighting of his workplace. Pendant lights are usually installed with a workplace orientation. Depending on the choice of luminaire model and light distribution, different results can be obtained. For this type of lighting, suspended modular luminaires HOKASU are perfect.

Wall lighting

The lighting of a large office can be improved by lighting the walls within the field of view with individual downlights like Downlight. In this case, the correct ratio of the brightness of the space surfaces is created, which creates visual comfort and a pleasant impression of the room.

Thermex open space

The values of the company are inextricably linked with the directions in business and are reflected in the interior design. One of the areas of activity is production. According to the owners, it should be environmentally friendly and modern.

It was possible to convey these settings in the interior with the help of natural finishing materials and a modern lighting solution: wooden slats were implemented on the ceiling, between which HOKASU S75 linear lamps were located in a chaotic manner.

Illumination conditions, or rather the sufficiency of illumination and the quality of light, are factors that affect performance and well-being. And good light is a condition that makes it possible to correctly perceive the process and results of activity.

The authors of the project made sure that the light in the open space worked at 100% - linear HOKASU S50 lamps were installed above the desktops, which create comfort and coziness for employees working in open space.

Space 1 coworking open space

The space was opened in December 2019 and is ready for the arrival of fast-growing companies. We invite you to take a walk around the office of the new format - in today's section #HOKASU_projects we will see the lighting of the open workspace.

Project concept: flexibility of layouts and design. Space 1 offices are easily adapted to business processes: you can change the number of meeting rooms or offices, and the space can be branded in a corporate style.

An important role is given to lighting - along the perimeter of the space there are linear HOKASU S50 lamps in white. Contrasting colors emphasize the modernity of the solution - the idea is implemented in the interior elements. So, for example, the white body of the lamp against the background of a black ceiling creates a cosmic effect.

Lighting is an essential element to consider when planning a coworking space, and this factor is made up of economy and comfort - factors that are important for the company and employees. The right light creates visual effects that motivate you to work, improve your mood, and also serve as a design decoration.

Rusatom Service Open Space

The design project is focused on the transparency of the work: the space is built in an open style. The idea of the authors is to create an open space for the development of the company's philosophy based on the culture of the nuclear industry. Linear lighting is organized above the space with a series of HOKASU S50 lamps. The luminaires are installed on long suspensions - this solution visually lowers the ceilings.

Illumination calculation

When developing a project, it can be difficult to understand how much light will be needed in a room and certain areas. To avoid shortages or overruns, a detailed calculation is necessary. What is meant by illumination calculation? – Determining the number of required fixtures and their characteristics for the room.

It is quite difficult to perform it on your own - the procedure requires a deep understanding of the specifics of light and certain knowledge. We make an accurate calculation of illumination using modern equipment. We are ready to make a calculation and selection of equipment for your project for free.

What do you need to do this?
  • Send us a drawing or plan of the premises for which you need to calculate by e-mail
  • Indicate the color scheme of the walls and floor, the height of the ceiling, indicate the purpose of the premises.
  • Select and specify the models of luminaires from our catalog that you plan to install.
As a result, you get a detailed technical description and a project manager.

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