Rusatom Service company office

Office lighting for Rusatom Service . The ULIGHT team has completed the lighting of the entire workspace - let's talk about each area separately.

Conference Room

Especially for the conference room of the company "Rusatom Service" we have provided a lighting concept focused on providing excellent visibility of the entire area - the idea forms an adequate perception of the information provided at the events. Linear lighting was organized by HOKASU S50 series luminaires. The suspensions were black, made from 50/50mm profiles.

Dining Room

The lunch break is a time when you can switch from work to "relax" mode to regain energy and start working with renewed vigor after the break. The better the rest area is arranged, the more effective the recovery process is. This is why it is so important to create a comfortable space to rest and eat. When making linear lights for Rusatom Service Company we focused on creation of uniform illumination as the most comfortable for eyes.

Above the dining area there are long lines of light made of black HOKASU S50 profile. The 2500mm structures are mounted on hangers above the working surface of the kitchen area and above the eating area - the dining tables.

Meeting rooms

There are three meeting rooms in the office on Nakhimovsky Prospekt. Especially for this project we made 9 black HOKASU S50 linear 1250 mm luminaires - 3 luminaires in each room. The lighting system is organized in such a way as to enable clients, partners and counterparties to hold business meetings in the most comfortable and safe conditions.


The lighting solution supports the overall concept - a linear HOKASU lighting system is implemented around the perimeter of the office space. The corridor uses linear HOKASU S50 luminaires in black. The high ceiling height made it possible to install the luminaires in a suspended position. The minimalist design is accentuated by the reduced size of the luminaire body and the characteristics of the LED module.

Open workspace

The design project focuses on work transparency: the space is built in an open style. The authors' idea was to create an open space to develop the company's philosophy based on the culture of the nuclear industry. Linear lighting by a series of HOKASU S50 luminaires was organized over the space. The luminaires are mounted on long suspensions - such a solution visually lowers the ceilings.

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