Co-working Space 1 on Kompozitorskaya 17

We have completed the lighting of the Space 1 co-working space in Moscow.
A modern space at Kompozitorskaya 17 is coming to the light! Space 1 is an office solution for fast-growing companies.

Linear and track lighting systems were implemented along the perimeter of the office space. Let's start our review of the project with the two meeting rooms.

Meeting rooms

The first meeting room has linear lights HOKASU S50 in white - the contrasting color scheme creates a cozy atmosphere for community members.

The second meeting room has a modern chandelier that creates a nice diffused light around the perimeter of the room, and along the wall - track lighting series HOKASU Tube TR4.

The authors of the project tried to design comfortable meeting rooms for more effective business meetings.

Project concept: flexibility of layout and design. Space 1 offices can be easily adapted to business processes: you can change the number of meeting rooms or offices, and the space can be branded in a corporate style.

Open workspace

An important role is given to lighting - there are linear lights around the perimeter of the space HOKASU S50 in white. Contrasting colors emphasize the modernity of the solution - the idea is implemented in the interior elements. For example, the white body of the lamp against the black ceiling creates a cosmic effect.

Lighting is an essential element to consider when planning a co-working space, and this factor is made up of economy and comfort - factors that are important to the company and employees. The right light creates visual effects that motivate work, improves mood, and also serves as a design enhancement.

Kitchen-dining room

The way to the heart of the employees: a stylish kitchen-dining room.
HR-specialists say that the organization of corporate catering has a positive impact on the atmosphere within the team and contributes to the formation and maintenance of the HR-brand.

How important is light in this part of the office space?
When selecting fixtures, we were guided not only by the aesthetic side of the issue, but also by functional characteristics. In the kitchen-dining room of the Moscow co-working room we implemented combined lighting - general and accent lighting.

General lighting is performed by spherical pendant lights, which create a pleasant diffused light around the perimeter of the room.

Accent lighting is organized by track luminaires of the series HOKASU Tube TR4, located along the wall and kitchen units - the fixtures create unique lighting scenarios.

Creating corporate canteens with pleasant lighting is a demonstration of concern for the team. And remember, a well-fed manager does not understand a hungry manager.


Even at the initial planning stage of a co-working room project, the modern design of the corridor and its competitive advantages are considered. This is where employees of fast-growing companies pass through before they get to their workplace and start implementing progressive ideas.

Developing a design project took into account the objective features of an integral part of the office space - rational design of the corridor aimed at visual enhancement of cramped space, as well as the formation of an original image of the co-working room through the finishing and lighting.

A track lighting system is implemented in the corridor HOKASU Tube TR4, located along the entire length of the extended room. The system provides the most comfortable orientation of employees in the space.

Series feature HOKASU Tube TR4 – laconic design and simplicity of form. The absence of unnecessary details, classic monochrome white color allowed to integrate the track system into the modern interior of the Space 1 co-working room corridor.

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