The office of the Termex development company

The office of the Termex development company in St. Petersburg was illuminated.

The space is divided into functional zones: open workspace, executive office, lounge area.

The company's values are inextricably linked with business directions and are reflected in the interior design. One of the lines of business is production. According to the owners' opinion, it should be environmentally friendly and modern.

Open workspace

We managed to convey these installations in the interior with the help of natural finishing materials and modern lighting solutions: the ceiling has wooden slats, between which the linear lamps are located in a chaotic order. HOKASU S75.

Light conditions, or more precisely the adequacy of light and the quality of light, are factors that affect performance and well-being. And good light is also a condition that makes it possible to correctly perceive the process and results of activity.

The authors of the project made sure that the light in the open space worked at 100% - linear lights were installed above the desks HOKASU S50, that create comfort and coziness for employees working in open spaces.

Executive office

A plasterboard niche is installed above the manager's working area. The niche contains a series of HOKASU LED modules with a temperature of 2500K. Thanks to this arrangement of lighting, the effect of no contact of the niche with the main ceiling is created - the niche seems to float.

Above the table there is a modular lamp HOKASU Frame, consisting of 2 intersecting squares. The lamp creates a pleasant diffused light over the entire work surface. It is positioned so that it is not reflected in the monitor and does not shine in the eyes of the person. For the same reason the desk is perpendicular to the window, so that the sunlight does not glare in the monitor.

Lounge area

A space where the company's employees get the maximum sense of peace - a rest and relaxation zone. The authors of the project created a space with a unique character and design similar to the general style.

The lounge area features a slatted wall that flows smoothly into the ceiling. Between the slats in a chaotic order are linear lights HOKASU S50.

Warm shades of light create an atmosphere of coziness and dispose the interlocutors to communicate. The lines of light support the style of the room, allowing you to follow the previously created concept.

When making lighting calculations, we respected lighting standards, taking into account the personal wishes of the manager.


The corridor has two lighting scenarios - basic and decorative.

Linear lights, placed between wooden slats in a chaotic order, act as the main lighting - the idea was realized by the luminaires HOKASU S50, creating a pleasant uniform light along the entire length of the aisle.

The decorative lighting is made by HOKASU LED modules in warm light 2500 K. They are embedded in the plasterboard niche and create the effect of no contact of the niche with the main ceiling - the niche seems to float.

Lighting in the corridor is designed to create the most comfortable orientation of the employee in the space.

Executive office

The stylish office of the head of Termex reflects the well-being and stability of the company. The design corresponds to the manager's taste - it allows to work comfortably and conduct business meetings fruitfully.

It was possible to fully carry out the installations thanks to the development of an original design project using a modern lighting system. One of the indicators of the stylishness of the office is the ceiling finish with wooden slats, between which there are lines of light. The lighting solution was realized by a series of lamps HOKASU S50, which create a pleasant, diffused light.

Light is one of the most important points in the design of the office. Incorrect lighting contributes to psychological tension, interferes with concentration and can worsen eyesight in a fairly short period of time. Proper approach to the choice and placement of lighting fixtures - on the contrary - improves concentration and relaxes the muscles of the eye.

Project author: Peter Sergeyev.

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