Cabinet lighting

In the office, interior elements and lamps should contribute to comfortable and fruitful work, but in no way distract from it. Poorly organized lighting makes it difficult to concentrate, and labor productivity decreases. Poor-quality light can cause a burning sensation in the eyes and fatigue. Therefore, it is worth using modern lighting solutions in office-type premises. In the article we will consider the most relevant lighting solutions, consider the types of lighting and show cabinets from the collection of our works.

The office, as a rule, is divided into several zones: a working area, a place of rest, an area for negotiations. The efficiency of work and the fruitfulness of business meetings largely depend on how well the lighting is chosen.

General office lighting

A study lighting project starts with choosing a main light source. Of course, it does not play a primary role, however, the further placement of spotlights to illuminate functional room zones.

So, the head light is organized using separate ceiling recessed lights (if the room is small) or linear analogues, which are combined into a system to cover a large working area.

It is desirable that the light be monotonous and monotonous. This option does not cause rapid fatigue, but at the same time provides the optimal level of illumination necessary for comfortable work with documents.

Work area lighting

Table and wall LED lamps are often used in the work area. Also used is led strip. With its help, you can highlight certain areas of the desk, make lighting inside drawers and other compartments of office furniture.

Local lighting, as a rule, is quite soft and warm. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the physiological characteristics of the person who will work in the office. Some people are more comfortable in the presence of cold light.

Organization of lighting of the recreation area

Most offices have a recreation area with a seating area or armchairs. Here you can relax, read a newspaper, magazine or in a relaxed atmosphere, slowly, study the documents. An excellent solution for this place is an LED light source adjustable in height and degree of brightness.

Popular Solutions

After we have decided on the types of lighting, we will consider popular models of lamps. Recall that high-quality light is an important component of a modern office. Factors such as employee productivity and well-being depend on the quality of the lamp and its function. Therefore, we propose to discard the options for old-type lamps and consider modern light sources - LED lamps.

Linear luminaires

Linear luminaires is a modern solution for an office. Lines of light can be used for general or local lighting - regardless of its function, you will get a pleasant diffused light thanks to the Italian matte diffuser. The light line can be of different widths - from 35 to 100 mm.

The advantage of linear fixtures is the flexibility of use: it is possible to implement a light design of any shape - a ring, a hexagon, a zigzag, a triangle, a square, a molecule. You can also consider using them as broken or intersecting lines of light on a ceiling or wall.

Linear fixtures also differ in the installation method. The HOKASU collection includes a series of surface-mounted, suspended, built-in and "under putty" installations. We also produce modular designs that allow you to create various shapes - a ring, a hexagon, a zigzag, a triangle, a square, a molecule.

Recommended Models

  • Suspended/surface-mounted lamp HOKASU S50.
  • Recessed luminaire HOKASU 100/40 IN.
  • Modular Square Light HOKASU Frame.

Basic requirements for office lighting

The organization of lighting in an office and office is regulated by international standards. According to the standards, it must meet the following requirements:

  • the color temperature is as close as possible to natural indicators and is about 4000 K;
  • the pulsation coefficient of lighting devices is up to 5% (for LED devices, the indicator is 1%, which is ideal for the study and office);
  • optimal color rendering index (RA) - 80.

The advantages of using LED light sources in the office

The main reasons for office lighting with LED recessed linear fixtures include:

  • obtaining even light that does not hit the eyes and does not cause fatigue;
  • economical, which consists in reduced energy consumption with a long service life;
  • environmental safety, the lamps do not use substances potentially hazardous to human health and the environment;
  • aesthetics, lighting with the help of LED strip or LED-devices, it looks beautiful and impressive.

Our experts will offer you recessed ceiling lights, wall models, tape with suitable technical characteristics.

Illumination calculation

When developing a project, it can be difficult to understand how much light will be needed in a room and certain areas. To avoid shortages or overruns, a detailed calculation is necessary. What is meant by illumination calculation? – Determining the number of required fixtures and their characteristics for the room.

It is quite difficult to perform it on your own - the procedure requires a deep understanding of the specifics of light and certain knowledge. We make an accurate calculation of illumination using modern equipment. We are ready to make a calculation and selection of equipment for your project for free.

What do you need to do this?

  • Send us a drawing or plan of the premises for which you need to calculate by e-mail
  • Indicate the color scheme of the walls and floor, the height of the ceiling, indicate the purpose of the premises.
  • Select and specify the models of luminaires from our catalog that you plan to install.

As a result, you get a detailed technical description and a project manager.

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