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System integration is a decisive factor in the modern approach to Armstrong suspended ceilings.

The suspended ceiling can now be combined with the HOKASU linear lighting system. For this solution, the Japanese specialists have developed a series of recessed luminaires 100/40 IN, which are installed on the hangers between the ceiling frames. This maintains the integrity and monolithic appearance of the ceiling space.

The flexibility of the innovative 100/40 IN product will allow architects and designers to create endless combinations of suspension systems, panels and technical elements.

Monotony is when simple square lights are used from project to project in Armstrong and Grillato ceilings. Using linear designs and a suspended system, you can create an original suspended ceiling with dedicated light lines and accents.

To simplify installation, the Japanese specialists have released a series of recessed luminaires with a light part width of 100 mm. Now it is also possible to create a suspended ceiling with built-in linear light fixtures that have no length limitation.

Designers will be able to simulate the functional space of the ceiling in any environment: offices, cabinets, stores, public spaces.

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