Lighting for cafes and restaurants

One of the important points when building hospitality establishments, is the preparation of a lighting project. HOKASU specialists can help you with the choice of lighting fixtures and their correct placement indoors and outdoors can help you HOKASU specialists. Always available, necessary to create high-quality lighting in cafes and restaurants, LED-products at the best price. optimal price.

Goals and objectives of lighting for HORECA facilities

Preparing lighting projects for restaurants and cafes involves achieving the following goals and objectives objectives:

  • Attracting the attention of potential guests of the institution, which can be achieved by using eye-catching signage, architectural lighting, a noticeable design of the entrance area;
  • Creating an atmosphere of comfort and hospitality in the areas where visitors. This is achieved through a series of design solutions of general, decorative and accent character;
  • Creating the image of the institution, maintaining the image by finding unusual lighting options that stand out from similar ones implemented by competitors;
  • Ensuring the convenience of staff working in the hall and kitchen, in a variety of technical rooms.

The principles of building lighting for such facilities

When developing a project that will later be implemented in a restaurant, it must be remembered that the perception of the institution begins as soon as you approach it. Because of this, more than usual, attention should be paid to the design of signage, entrances, stairs, entrances, Parking lots. In all of these cases, the lighting in the restaurant needs to be eye-catching In all of these cases, the restaurant lighting should be eye-catching and create a feeling of safety and comfort at the same time.

Note that the degree of illumination should vary depending on the time of day. In the morning, turn on appliances that give bright and invigorating light. In the daytime, the lighting should be be softer, but still intense. In the evening, the restaurant should create an atmosphere that promotes relaxation. After the establishment closes, a A high degree of light is needed to ensure that the cleaning is of good quality.

Zoning is a prerequisite for the preparation of a lighting project. In the halls, the lighting will be muffled, near the bar - brighter. Separately you need to think about lighting over the tables. For This is best done with built-in or directional LED lights, which will give the required degree of illumination, but will maintain an atmosphere of privacy and intimacy.

Peculiarities of choosing equipment for restaurants

Restaurants, cafes, and other hospitality establishments need to use different types of luminaires. Depending on the type of lighting, they will be as follows:

  • general - chandeliers, linear systems, built-in LED fixtures;
  • local - table lamps, sconces, floor lamps;
  • decorative - LED strip, decorative fixtures, light columns;
  • accent − LED spotlights.

When selecting equipment for restaurants, it is necessary to rely on the created design the design concept. All solutions must be in harmony with each other, combined with the details of the interior and the idea of the institution. If we are talking about restaurants of national cuisine, it is necessary to use ethnic elements. In elite establishments, in most cases, lighting devices are installed, decorated in a classical style. In young recreational areas will be appropriate multicolored illumination will be appropriate.

It is also necessary to remember about the work lighting. In kitchens, it's a good idea to install protected devices with a rating of IP65, this will prevent penetration of grease and dirt inside the devices. Color rendering should be high and the ripple factor should be low.

Typical mistakes

When preparing the lighting to be used in a restaurant, the following mistakes are often made mistakes:

  • the degree of illumination of the surrounding area is too low;
  • insufficient or too bright lighting of the halls;
  • installation of appliances that do not fit the overall design solution;
  • lack of sufficient lighting fixtures in technical rooms visited by guests.

To calculate the cost of implementing a lighting project and ensure its correct execution will be able to specialists of our company.

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