Lighting for hotels, restaurants and cafes (HORECA)

The quality of service is an important part of the success of hoteliers and restaurateurs, but there is another equally important factor. What kind of mood does the interior of a restaurant, café or hotel create for visitors, and will this or that establishment become a favorite place to spend time?
Atmosphere affects the choice of the client, because it is often the only thing that distinguishes one institution from another. The decor, music, and lighting set the character of the establishment. The first impression determines the choice, and the customer decides whether he stays in the restaurant or leaves without trying anything. And when choosing a hotel or hotel, their appearance will definitely play a decisive role.

Light is very important in creating a comfortable and welcoming environment, and it is important to use it correctly. Often too bright lighting is chosen for the decoration of hospitality facilities or light sources with inappropriate color temperatures are used. The quality of lighting is often underestimated or not respected due to lack of experience.
It is better to trust the design of the lighting system to professionals, they will select the best equipment in terms of characteristics and help to create the right atmosphere in accordance with the plan of the project designer.
Lighting of any commercial facility is divided into several types:

  • General - uniform lighting, located in the upper zone of the room. General lighting requires fixtures with a large area of the luminous surface and with a wide distribution of light;
  • Accent - exposure lighting, highlighting interior details and "chips" of the institution. Accent lighting uses fixtures with a narrow and concentrated light, such as track projectors and recessed lighting;
  • Functional lighting serving special purposes, such as providing emergency lighting. Various light sources or LED strips can be used for functional lighting;
  • Decorative lighting, which gives the interior a highlight and emphasizes the uniqueness. For decorative tasks decorative luminaires are used to attract attention.

The technical specifications of light sources include qualitative indicators such as color temperature and color rendering index. Manufacturers of light sources offer special solutions for different tasks and, among others, for applications in the hospitality industry. For example, a dish served in a restaurant can look very appetizing under a luminaire with a high color rendering index, and, conversely, appear not at all fresh to the eye under the wrong light.
Technology is evolving, and what was recently a novelty is now becoming ubiquitous. Thus lighting control systems have become very popular in the HoReCa segment. Automation helps not only to change the light modes, create different scenarios, but also to use resources more efficiently. Specialists, using special software, will help to avoid mistakes in the design, to save not only on the number of lights, but also on operating costs.
To understand new technologies and determine the best lighting design for your business, contact the professionals. Our company designs, develops and manufactures unique professional lighting equipment and solves even the most complex lighting design problems.

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