Hotel and hotel lighting

Doing hotel business should take into account a lot of nuances - from the choice of hotel location and number of rooms to the design of the rooms and planning the lighting system. Modern technology allows you to use standard (typical) solutions for hotel lighting or develop a unique option that gives an additional advantage over competitors. HOKASU offers services in choosing the best options, installation and maintenance of lighting systems for your hotel business.

What to consider when choosing lighting systems

When designing a lighting system for a private home, you should first of all pay attention to the preferences of the occupants themselves. When designing and ordering lighting equipment for hotels, the list of such requirements will be much broader. You will have to take into account how the clients will be perceived by the appearance of the common areas of the hotel and rooms for accommodation.

HOKASU specializes in the installation and maintenance of professional lighting systems. Based on the specifics of the hospitality industry, the following factors should be considered when installing a new lighting system in a hotel or upgrading existing equipment:

  • correspondence of the lighting design of the general concept, its design, architectural features of the building and individual rooms;
  • creating the most comfortable atmosphere that will take into account the general and individual preferences of your guests and staff;
  • competent zoning of lighting systems, taking into account the functional characteristics of the halls, main and auxiliary premises, guest rooms;
  • optimal performance, energy efficiency of electrical appliances and equipment;
  • optimum balance of ease of use and exclusive aesthetic features of the lighting system;
  • compliance with all regulatory rules and safety requirements for the operation of the lighting system, the organization of emergency exits and evacuation routes.

Ordering even the most sophisticated and technologically advanced equipment will not achieve your goals if all of the above factors are not taken into account beforehand. HOKASU can help you evaluate the different lighting schemes and solutions that can be tailored to your needs and the factors listed above.

How to order the installation of hotel lighting

Obviously, the lighting of hotels will vary significantly depending on the amount of space, the height of the building and floors, the size of rooms and common areas. Moreover, even for hotels of the same type, it is possible to provide an individual lighting solution that will transform the appearance of standard rooms and ancillary areas. When you contact HOKASU, you get:

  • consulting support explaining the characteristics and features of various types of lighting devices, the required level of illumination according to international standards;
  • analysis of the technical characteristics of the building and premises of your hotel, the current state of the electrical wiring and lighting systems;
  • Advice on choosing lighting solutions and lighting fixtures, designing an electrical installation system;
  • Recommendations for choosing a lighting control system that will reduce operating costs, simplify ongoing maintenance.

Simultaneously with the selection of electrical and lighting equipment, it is advisable to order the lighting design. Only in this case it is possible to ensure the comfort of the guests, the convenience of staff work, increase the functionality of certain areas.

Our specialists will suggest a winning option while maintaining the uniform lighting concept of the hotel. In addition to exterior lighting systems, we can also help you choose the best type of exterior lighting. This will attract the attention not only of your hotel guests, but also of potential customers. To choose the best option for exterior lighting, we will take into account the peculiarities of the development of streets and neighborhoods, the location and nearby architectural objects.

Advantages of contacting our company

Our company is one of the market leaders in professional lighting for any business, including the hotel industry. All equipment offered by our company complies with safety requirements, has the necessary certificates and technical documentation. When you turn to our specialists for help, you are guaranteed the following advantages:

  • complex design and design of lighting solutions, taking into account the individual characteristics of your hotel;
  • a full range of services for installation, maintenance, repair and replacement of lighting equipment;
  • consultations of specialists on all issues arising in the design, installation and maintenance of the lighting system.

When contacting the company you can get acquainted with the typical and individual projects that we have developed and installed for our customers. To clarify the terms of cooperation with our company, you can call the phone numbers listed on the website.

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