Dental clinic lighting

A number of special requirements are put forward for the lighting of a dental clinic. HOKASU specialists will be able to correctly implement the project in practice and help you with the choice of suitable fixtures. There is always a large selection of LED-devices that are suitable for providing optimal illumination in the dentistry office and other areas of the medical facility.

Goals and objectives

The main goals and objectives that are set when developing lighting for dentistry are as follows:

  • creating an environment that will be most comfortable for patients, dentists and nursing staff;
  • ensuring the level of illumination that will be sufficient to accurately carry out all the work steps in the treatment process.

Dentistry lighting features

The work of a dentist is directly related to the need to perform precise manipulations, to distinguish the smallest details in a small area. You can reduce eye strain if you choose the right lighting and the optimal color scheme for your profile office.

Most often, attention is paid mainly to the working area, in which it is imperative to achieve good visibility. This can be achieved by using devices that provide illumination at the level of 20,000-21,500 lux. As for general light, 4000–5000 lux light sources are enough for a small area office.

In some cases, it becomes necessary to use additional LED lamps for lighting. They are needed to obtain the ratio of the main and operating light in the performance of 1: 10. Additional devices should provide illumination at the level of 1000–2000 lux. A successful technical solution would be the light bouncing from the walls - the illumination of surfaces with indirect rays.

European standards for dental lighting

In practice, a specially developed standard DIN 67505 "The right light for dental practice" applies. It prescribes the illumination standards of three fields:

  • E1 - zone of general movement in the office, here it should be provided from 500 lux;
  • E2 - field preparation for work, the optimal illumination is 1000 lux;
  • E3 - the place of manipulation, its area - 20x30 cm, the degree of illumination - 1600-2400 lux.

As for the color temperature of the lighting, it should be at the level of 4000–5500 Kelvin in the dental office. This makes it possible to correctly perceive colors and not experience significant strain on the eyes.

When choosing LED lighting devices for a dentistry office, you need to remember the need to install reflectors. Their installation allows you to use the radiated energy of light without loss.

Features of installing fixtures

In order for the lighting of dentistry to be of high quality, it is necessary to ensure the correct placement of devices. The best option is the use of linear suspension systems, which allows you to adjust the height of their placement. The distance from the patient's mouth to the lamp should be 1.7–2 m.
When installing additional lighting devices, it is necessary to implement a scheme in which there are no glare that interferes with the work of a specialist.

Emergency lighting

In addition to the main lighting, an emergency evacuation system is required in dentistry. According to the current regulations, the time allotted for the launch of the emergency system is 15 seconds.

HOKASU specialists will be able to ensure that the lighting in the medical facility meets all requirements.

Our projects

Dentistry Style Smile

Together with designer Polina Eremenko, we completed a lighting project for a dental clinic. Specifically for the clinic project, we produced HOKASU linear luminaires – overhead S35 and recessed S35 IN.

A modular square-shaped lamp was installed in the dentist's office. It creates optimal illumination of the workspace with diffused light and without shadows.

From the reception area to the office there is a continuous line of light that performs the main lighting in the corridor and waiting area.