Illumination of health care facilities

If you need to provide the right lighting for medical facilities in your city, look into the proposals from HOKASU. Our assortment includes LED lamps of different models that meet the current sanitary and hygienic norms and rules (SanPiN).
The products presented in our catalog are already widely used in clinics, specialized centers, private offices. It has proven to be reliable and durable, meeting special requirements. In addition, the cost of goods is set at an optimal level.

Lighting standards for medical institutions

The main goals pursued in the development of a lighting project for such facilities are the creation of optimal conditions for staff in the working premises and ensuring the comfort of patients in the wards or on the territory of the medical institution as a whole.

The hospital requires compliance with lighting standards, which are prescribed in the regulatory framework. The main indicators of illumination are as follows:

  • offices for specialists, operating rooms and resuscitation wards, laboratories, dressing rooms and manipulation rooms - 500 lx;
  • Nursing posts, preoperative, physiotherapy rooms - 300 lux;
  • rooms for servicing, feeding patients, storing blood products - 200 lx.

Lighting in the hospital: features and types of equipment

When developing a project for a medical institution, it must be taken into account that the general light must be diffused. It needs to be supplemented with devices that will provide local or subject-oriented illumination.

Natural light during operations is not enough, it must be supplemented by artificial lighting. For this, LED lamps of various configurations are perfect. You can order products from us such as:

Linear LED lights

The requirement for lighting medical facilities can be met using such LED products. It is used as the main light source. Depending on the power indicator of the LED strip installed in the device, you can choose a model for installation in the corridors of the building, children's and adult wards, and offices.

Scattered light devices

We offer you to order SP-TOR luminaires, the distinctive features of which are the presence of a diffuser in a matte finish and a large beam angle, reaching 120 degrees. The color temperature at the level of 2700-3000 K makes it possible to install them in different rooms (mainly in medical assistant's offices, reception rooms, children's and adult wards).

Modular luminaires

Often used as an accent light source. They are mounted on the ceiling or wall (most often at the level of 1.7 m). Devices can be used for a full examination of the patient, lighting the registry and other purposes.

Ceiling recessed Downlights

Can be used as a source of general or directional light. Depending on the technical characteristics, such products are installed both in operating rooms and treatment rooms, as well as in common areas.

Our specialists will help you to choose products to ensure the proper level of illumination of medical institutions. Even if there are increased requirements in the hospital in your city, we will be able to offer you a suitable solution.

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