Commercial lighting

High-quality lighting of the sales area, illumination of showcases and shelves are important indicators of the level of service. They, along with the convenience of the location and the loyalty program, play an important role in the customer's choice of store. When organising lighting, it is important to consider the functions of the various retail areas, as well as the technical and aesthetic aspects of the lighting equipment. In this article, we will try to take a closer look at the types of lighting, effective lighting solutions, and popular types of fixtures.

The right light in the store is an important salesperson. It works effectively for the owner of the sales area to promote new sales. It leads shoppers by the hand to the areas that they want and need.

Types of retail lighting

To begin with, let's look at the important types of lighting that should be used in a retail space and give popular lighting solutions.

  • General lighting is the main light of the sales area. Thanks to it the customer is oriented in space and moves freely through the areas of the store. For this task we recommend using linear lights.
  • Accent lighting - used to attract the customer to a particular area. It can be a particular product or department. Often, accent lighting uses track lights.
  • Decorative lighting - serves to decorate the sales area. It is not mandatory. The task of such light: to create a unique atmosphere in the space. LED strips and modules do an excellent job with this task.

Popular solutions

After we have decided on the types of lighting - let's look at popular models of LED light sources. The modernity of the space is directly dependent on the quality of light scenarios. To create different scenarios will help modern lighting solutions, which we will consider in this block.

Linear lights

Linear luminaires are a modern solution for retail spaces. Constructions of this type are used to organize general and local lighting. Pleasant scattering light will help customers to navigate in the space. Light lines differ in width of the light part, profile size, technical characteristics - such advantages allow to emphasize the individuality of the space.

The advantage of linear lighting systems is also the lack of restrictions on the length of the light line and the creation of designs of various shapes (see examples of such designs below). Light lines can be broken or intersecting. For example the HOKASU profiles can be assembled at angles of 45°, 60°, 90° or 135°.

Linear luminaires also differ in terms of installation method. The HOKASU collection includes the surface-mounted, suspended, recessed and putty-mounted series. We also produce modular designs that allow you to create different shapes - ring, hexagon, zigzag, triangle, square, molecule.

Recommended models

  • HOKASU S50 pendant/countertop luminaire.
  • Recessed luminaire HOKASU 100/40 IN.

Track Luminaires

Track luminaires focus the customer's attention on a particular group of products. Accordingly, lighting fixtures of this type perform the function of accent lighting. Often, this type of light is called a small spotlight, which is understandable - the light flux is directed at a specific area that needs to be illuminated.

We recommend the following series: TUBE ZOOM Clip.
Reliability, durability (50,000 hours), economy (up to 70% of electricity) are the main criteria for choosing lighting fixtures for retail lighting. LED solutions are more practical for long-term operation, do not require frequent repair/maintenance, are easily built into refrigerators, shelves, racks, showcases, used in pendant chandeliers, track systems.

  • As you might have guessed by now, the Clip series is designed for store lighting. It has a stylish design and good color rendering.
  • The advantage of the TUBE series is the concise design and the absence of unnecessary details.
  • ZOOM allows you to change the angle of the light beam from 20 to 60 degrees by turning the ring on the housing.

We can help!

Our managers will help you with the choice of lighting fixtures and the necessary equipment for the store. To do this, we offer to contact us - we will make a calculation of illumination and technical description.

Areas of application (varieties of commercial premises)

  • shopping and entertainment complexes;
  • hyper- and supermarkets, shops;
  • pharmacies, cafes, bars;
  • warehouses, utility rooms;

Uniform general lighting creates a competitive advantage, enhancing well-being by encouraging visitors to shop. Directional lighting focuses shoppers' attention on merchandise, highlighting promotional items, billboards, decorative - creates a feeling of homeliness, indicates interesting interior elements. In dusty, humid spaces, devices of protection class IP65/66 are mounted.

Organizing commercial lighting

Customers want to move freely around the hall, immediately find the goods. Recessed ceiling luminaires are relevant for rooms with a low ceiling height. Hanging options are useful in high rooms. Consider fire safety requirements (no overheating of devices), environmental friendliness of products (do not emit mercury, gas), aesthetic appeal.

The requirements of sanitary regulations determine the minimum indicator of illumination - 300-500 lumens (in practice 700-2000, for showcases - up to 5000). Cold light is relevant to emphasize glass, metal goods, warm - products of similar shades. Yellow is ideal for furniture stores. Meat highlighting, for example, requires special LED chips that produce a pink effect, without spoiling the white veins and red shades of the product. Ideally, you should evaluate the color rendering index. The higher it is, the better the luminaire conveys the natural color of the product.

HOKASU designs, installs and illuminates the store, increasing sales, the commercial value of each square meter of the property. Our specialists are experienced in equipping all types of spaces. Competently emphasize the goods, pick up the tone of light, make a potential buyer to see the expensive, exclusive products from the best side - the skills of professional design. An ordinary LED strip becomes in the hands of a specialist a conceptual solution that embodies the recognizable style of retail outlets.

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